Monstrous Fun

Monstrous Fun

Chocolate mar three ni

There’s a quirky new hang out with a whole lot of attitude at Plaza Indonesia that’s fast becoming the drinking hole and food venue of choice. Mother Monster is open from 10am till late offering an edgy, fun vibe with excellent food, a full bar and some enchanting seasonal signature cocktails – oh, and the coffee is freshly roasted!

There are three distinct areas each with their own ambience and tempting culinary treats on the menu, like the Magic Shroom Burger with its juicy, thick portobello mushroom served with hand-cut fries, as well as perfectly cooked pasta and prime steaks. Unadorned and sizzled with love, the steaks are tender and tasty, perfect alone and gorgeous with a side dish such as the char-grilled cauliflower with its drizzle of pesto sauce and a scattering of nuts. For a closing burst of sweetness, try the Flamango, a plated dessert that spotlights the joys of mango with mango cream cheese mousse, mango lime sorbet, fluffy cashew sponge cake and yoghurt gel, or better yet, just order the Chocolate Mar-three-ni and drink your dessert!

Mother Monster

Plaza Indonesia

Jalan M.H. Thamrin,

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2129921939