Movie Time

Movie Time

Explore the latest cinematic buzz as highly anticipated movie releases take centre stage. From the action-packed return of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga and the spine-chilling prequel of A Quiet Place: Day One, to the thrilling team-up of Deadpool & Wolverine and the exciting action of The Fall Guy, there’s something for every film enthusiast to look forward to.


3 May 2024

Colt Seavers, a retired stuntman, is reluctantly drawn back into the world of Hollywood when the lead actor of a major film disappears. As Colt investigates, he uncovers a sinister plot that puts him in grave danger. Racing against time, Colt must navigate treacherous twists and turns to unravel the mystery before it’s too late. Starring Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, The Fall Guy is a pulse-pounding thriller of redemption and survival in the high-stakes world of showbiz. 


23 May 2024

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth, the film tells a story of the young Furiosa, who is taken from the Green Place of Many Mothers by a notorious biker horde commanded by the warlord Dementus. Roaming through the Wasteland, they encounter the Citadel ruled by Immortan Joe. With both tyrants vying for power, Furiosa is thrust into an unrelenting struggle to find her way back home. 


28 June 2024

In A Quiet Place: Day One, viewers are transported to the early days of the apocalyptic horror world depicted in the A Quiet Place film series. Directed by Michael Sarnoski and based on an original story by John Krasinski and Sarnoski, the prequel delves into the origins of the terrifying events that led to humanity’s struggle for survival in silence. As society grapples with the sudden emergence of deadly creatures sensitive to sound, audiences witness the harrowing experiences of individuals and families as they navigate the treacherous landscape of fear and uncertainty. 


26 July 2024

Everyone’s favourite anti-hero is back. The latest instalment from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)’s Deadpool series, this time the namesake returns with another Marvel favourite, Wolverine. Not much has been spilled about the movie, except that Wolverine is recovering from his injuries when he comes across the cheeky Deadpool. They team up to defeat a common enemy and will change the history of the MCU.  

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