Old and New

Old and New

Banana Canai, choccocino canai & green tea canai

Offering beautifully plated classic Indonesian and Malaysian dishes, Tua Baru Restaurant is the perfect place to reconnect with old friends and reminisce about the past.

Set in the lush and tranquil Mega Kuningan district amongst the office towers and world-renowned hotels, Tua Baru Restaurant is an oasis of calm and elegance. The newly opened restaurant occupies a green and tranquil space, its décor a lovely combination of traditional and modern interior sensibilities. Raw blocks of lacquered wood benches, charming rattan chairs mingle easily with burnished steel lattices of glass partitions and quirky modernist hanging lamps. Tints of green from the scattering of potted indoor plants and mosaic of geometric tiles contrast against the warm wooden tone of the interior. The restaurant is divided into three dining areas, the main ground floor facing the entrance, the playful L-shaped mezzanine floor and the large second floor space. Guests looking to throw a special celebration will be glad to know that the restaurant is available for bookings. Private rooms are available for intimate gatherings of up to 20 individuals, whereas large parties might want to consider booking the whole restaurant, which comfortably accommodates 160 people.

Tua Baru Restaurant offers an eclectic offering of traditional comfort food, chiefly Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine, with cameo appearances of Indian, Vietnamese and Thai dishes. From the appetisers section, the popiah is the dish to order. The classic Malaysian spring roll is served with a side of homemade curry sauce. We would also recommend the rujak manis – fresh sliced fruit is served with sweet and spicy peanut sauce in this refreshing Indonesian salad. For mains, the ayam bakar sembilan rempah is not to be missed. The chicken is rubbed down with the chef’s secret spice mix, left to marinate for the flavours to seep in and grilled over charcoal. A refreshing side of mixed vegetables accompanies the zesty number, best accompanied with a bowl of piping hot rice. Another excellent dish that is perfect with white rice is the buntut rempah – sumptuous cuts of oxtail are slow-braised to tenderness in a kecap manis-based sauce, served with a side of cassava-leaf salad and spicy sambal matah.

Traditional Drinks

If you have wisely saved some room for dessert, the restaurant’s es campur is a great idea. The flavour-packed sweet number features grass jelly, sweetened palm seed, nata de coco, vanilla pudding and basil seeds with shaved ice. We recommend sharing the generous portions, but it is equally delightful to polish one off alone. For fans of chocolate, go for the alternative es campur chocolate. The tantalising amalgamation of grass jelly, chocolate pudding, nata de coco, shaved coconut and basil seeds will have chocolate lovers ordering seconds. Whether one is looking for a cosy place to unwind in the city or rediscover old favourites, Tua Baru Restaurant is worth a visit or two. 

Tua Baru Restaurant
Jalan Mega Kuningan Barat III
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
T: +6221889061