Omakase Sushi Cocktail

Omakase Sushi Cocktail

Fitzroy Gastrobar


Inspired by the trendy lifestyles of Melbourne’s coolest, Fitzroy Gastrobar is the laid-back venue to hangout and enjoy a cocktail or two made famous by an impressive wave of word-of-mouth hype. The latest creation from the Head Bartender is the Omakase Sushi Cocktail, and for a second there, we thought they were serving us a sushi platter. At a closer look, the ‘maguro’ roll is made from watermelon, the ‘tamago’ sushi is actually pineapple and the ‘black tobiko’ is green apple; each served alongside three types of special liquor dip. To pair the platter, Fitzroy has creatively imitated a sake set with a mix of gin, lemonade and soda served in a ceramic flask. Super cool and great fun to drink, the Omakase Sushi Cocktail serves up to four people with a customisable ‘virgin’ form for the non-drinkers out there.


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