Osaka Style Perfection

Osaka Style Perfection

Chef Miyake designs a new menu for Nikko Bali Resort & Spa, showcasing authentic Osaka-style cuisine and an irresistible Sunday brunch.


With over 30 years experience in the Benkay kitchen at Hotel Nikko Osaka, as well as overseeing the creative culinary vision for additional Nikko resorts including the Dusit Hotel Nikko Manila and Hotel Royal Taipei, you could say that Benkay at the Nikko Bali Resort & Spa has brought in a major leaguer to create its new signature menu.

Chef Miyake’s vision for Benkay, one of Bali’s most comprehensive Japanese dining establishments, is to introduce the island’s visitor and expatriate communities to authentic Osaka cuisine; offering simple, mouthwatering dishes that have been cult favorites in Japan for over 300 years. One of these include the very satisfying Grilled Spanish Mackerel, marinated in Yuan sauce (a slightly sweet glaze that includes sake, mirin, soy sauce, sugar and yuzu) and topped with grated yuzu peel, a small citrus fruit found in East Asia. Although the yuzu peel is so finely grated that little to no flavor is expected, a surprisingly fresh burst of mandarin orange is an ideal finishing touch to the Chef’s subtle Yuan sauce.

A world-class cuisinier with a passion for artistic flair, Chef Miyake’s presentations are as dramatic as his fullbodied flavors. As the Sashimi Ice Dome is delivered to our table, all eyes focus on the sculptured semi-circle of ice that frames four exquisitely cut pieces of raw salmon and tuna. A flawless fuchsia orchid complements the chameleon green dollop of wasabi, creating a punch of color against the Chef’s translucent showpiece. Picture perfect, we feel a bit guilty about compromising the visual integrity of this culinary display, but as the ice begins to melt, we mix our wasabi and soy sauce to accompany the choicest cuts of fish available in Bali.

In addition to creating a brand new menu for Benkay, Chef Miyake’s super-charged agenda also includes raising the bar even higher for the restaurant’s Japanese Sunday brunch which was launched in 2011. The perfect way for families from all over the island to enjoy Benkay’s extensive menu, the Japanese Sunday brunch also features one of the best views on the island overlooking the rolling waves along Nikko Bali’s pristine white sandy bay. Sashimi lovers will adore the abundance of imported Tasmanian salmon as well as locally caught yellowfin tuna and snapper. Seafood fans have their choice of prawn tempura, scallops, boiled octopus sushi and deepfried oysters. Diners new to Japanese cuisine can choose a conservative culinary path by sticking to Angus beef tenderloin and ribeye, charcoal grilled chicken skewers and the iconic California Roll.

If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then Benkay Japanese Restaurant is the ideal venue in which to spend a leisurely lunch or evening, enjoying wholesome and beautifully presented dishes prepared by one of Japan’s most seasoned chefs. Invite a few friends, and reserve one of Benkay’s ocean-view private dining rooms. We’re sure that Chef Miyake will be more than happy to recommend the perfect sake to accompany your meal.




100 grams Spanish mackerel fillet (pin-boned)

Yuzu citrus fruit cut in half

Yuzu citrus fruit zest (fine texture)

150 ml Sake

50 ml Mirin

50 ml Kikkoman soy sauce

10 grams White sugar

2 pieces Sliced yuzu citrus fruit


Yuan Sauce Preparation: 

1. Mix sake, mirin, soy sauce and white sugar in a sauce pan and gently bring to the bowl.

2. Remove the sauce pan from the heat and allow the sauce to cool down to room temperature.



1. Place the mackerel fillet in a shallow tray and cover with the yuan sauce.

2. Allow to marinade for 30 minutes.

3. Drain the mackerel fillet slightly and carefully skewer lengthwise with a metal skewer.

4. Grill the mackerel fillet under a salamander or oven grill or on the barbeque and baste with the yuan sauce, using a ladle or spoon.

5. Repeat this procedure four times until the mackerel fillet become firm to the touch and the yuan sauce has slightly caramelized.

6. Remove the metal skewer and place the mackerel fillet on a plate.

7. Garnish with the yuzu citrus fruit zest and serve immediately.