Out of The Ordinary

Out of The Ordinary

In the bustling heart of Tokyo, where the neon lights dance and the city breathes with life, there exists a gem that whispers secrets to those who seek it – Tokyo Confidential. Situated amidst Roppongi and Tokyo Tower, the cocktail bar offers a haven from social norms, enabling patrons to transcend life’s constraints and embrace their authentic selves.

Founded by Holly Graham, one of the most influential figures in the industry, the bar invites everyone to pull up, fess up and let loose in a hedonistic atmosphere with high-quality food and drinks. The cosy yet modern Japanese interior is punctuated by vibrant art by Argentinian graphic designer and illustrator Alan Rhys Berry and US-based Ravi Zupa. At the heart of the venue is a show-stopping pine bar top carved from 300-year-old reclaimed shrine wood that snakes through the main room with no barriers.

With stunning views of Tokyo Tower from the bar’s balcony and rooftop space, Tokyo Confidential offers a range of signature cocktails, as well as low- and no-ABV drinks created by Holly and Head Bartender Wakana Murata. The drinks showcase Japanese ingredients in creative ways, such as the stirred and spirit-forward Destroy All Monsters with miso brown butter-washed gin, manzanilla sherry, bianco vermouth and ponzu, as well as a classic with a twist in the Cheung Fun Old Fashioned that was inspired by the popular Cantonese dish using peanut and sesame bourbon, soy caramel and bitters.

Exquisite bar bites designed by two Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Calvert are also offered, adding to the overall experience. Savour the Everything Bagel with cream cheese and Kristal caviar or try the Coronation Chicken Monaka, a curried chicken sandwiched in between monaka crackers.  

Exquisite Taste Volume 43

Tokyo Confidential

The V City Place

1 Chome 6-1 Azabujuban, Minato-ku

Tokyo 106-0045, Japan

W: tokyoconfidential.com

IG: @tokyoconfidentialbar