Peruvian-Chinese Fusion

Peruvian-Chinese Fusion

Wantan and Salsa

Traditional Cantonese fare with a touch of Peruvian style, taste and colour.

Just as the wave of Peruvian-influenced restaurants seemed to have peaked, along comes another to whisk us away on an enticing

journey of epicurean exploration. Enter Chifa Dumpling House, a compact Chinese-Peruvian eatery that can be found on Peel Street in Central, Hong Kong; a convenient location that attracts both tourists and locals along with the city’s lunchtime commerce crew, eager to snaffle some delicious bites and drinks between deals.

The restaurant design is simple and features minimalist-style seating including a dumpling bar overlooking the busy open kitchen. Accented by pastel colours and rattan décor and with soft lighting throughout, Chifa is a perfect spot in the heart of Hong Kong for a sociable lunch or relaxed dinner, a dining experience made all the more enjoyable by the effervescent all-day all-night atmosphere.

Meat and Rice

There is an abundance of dumpling restaurants in Hong Kong, but what makes Chifa different is the Peruvian influence resulting in a traditional Cantonese dumpling house menu but with a pinch of Peruvian style, taste and colour.

Chifa might be the first Chinese-Peruvian dumpling house in the city, but the style of cuisine is far from new and first developed when Chinese immigrants settled in Peru through the 19th century and had to adapt, a result that gave us Chinese cuisine with Peruvian ingredients and a host of dishes with the exciting characteristics of both.

With typical fast-paced Hong Kong service, Chifa offers lunch, brunch and dinner menus and a surprisingly large drinks list that features a collection of wines and spirits from around the world, beers, non-alcoholic drinks, and some delightful cocktails like the rich flavours of the thirst-quenching Trip to Home; a smokey blend using Oolong tea, pineapple, lime and aromatic Peruvian Pisco brandy.

The lunch and brunch menus are large and take dishes from the extensive à la carte menu but offer them as fixed priced sets with two-, three- or four-course options. Alongside the dumplings there’s a collection of beautifully presented and delicious rice and noodle dishes, classic open buns, desserts and some fabulous meat and seafood mains.

Perfect with a cocktail or as an appetiser, try something from the small dishes menu like the delicious duck spring rolls or for the vegetarians the savoury turnip cake. A portion of dumplings is four pieces and ideal for sharing, so why not mix and match with dishes like wantons, pillow roll and pouch dumplings accompanied by sides like Lo Mein noodles and meat and rice – a Peruvian take on chicken fried rice? The meat and seafood dishes are equally as enjoyable with the black pepper sauce wagyu skirt, Peruvian chicken and the prawn with omelette being particularly popular.

Chifa Dumpling House
26 Peel Street
Central, Hong Kong
T: +85223111815