Private Excellence

Private Excellence

Meet, chat, drink, dine, laugh, sing and enjoy the time of your life with your loved ones at Jakarta’s latest offering in exceptional private dining. 

by Rizki Pradana

Rumu Signature Platter

In the ever-evolving world of food and beverages, Dio Santoso and Andre Tanuwijaya have emerged with Tasa Group, aiming to reshape Jakarta’s dining landscape. With a decade of experience in the industry, they introduce the unique and captivating restaurant, Rumu Private Room Grill. Inspired by Japanese and Korean grills, Rumu offers a fresh and distinctive concept of all-private room dining, setting it apart from other establishments in Jakarta’s culinary scene. Dio and Andre are committed to making private room dining accessible without compromising on food quality. 

While private room dining is often associated with upscale establishments, Rumu aims to create an inclusive atmosphere that caters to various guests. At Rumu, each room is a private sanctuary fostering ultimate privacy and comfort. Whether seeking an intimate dining experience or a lively gathering, guests can enjoy an ambience tailored to their preferences. Some rooms are equipped with entertainment facilities, such as big screen TV and karaoke system, enhancing the dining occasion with added enjoyment.

Rumu’s concept stems from Dio and Andre’s personal preference for private room dining. They cherish the freedom it offers, allowing individuals to be themselves without pretense or conformity. The idea was solidified during the pandemic when concerns about crowded establishments grew. Thus, Rumu was created to prioritise privacy, sanitation and cleanliness – ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience.

The restaurant opened its doors early in 2023, captivating diners in the vibrant district of Melawai, South Jakarta. The moment guests step into Rumu, they are immersed in the highest quality meats, meticulously prepared dishes, and an atmosphere that transports them away from the outside world. Whether dining with family, business partners, or friends, Rumu offers an unparalleled level of privacy and a memorable dining journey.

Creamy Mushroom Lobster Gratin

Rumu stands out by providing a diverse range of high-quality meats, as well as signature Japanese and Korean dishes. Its menu boasts an array of appetisers, platters, beef selection, rice dishes, noodles and donburi, representing the best of both countries’ cuisines. Guests can tantalise their taste buds with a smorgasbord of excellent offerings. The appetiser list boasts mouthwatering small plates of stuffed chicken wings, pan-fried gyoza, tori karaage and cheese tteokbokki. The premium beef library has everything from Kagoshima A5, bone-in short ribs galbi MB5, rib-eye steak MB5, Misuji MB9, short ribs karubi MB4, to Saikoro, gyutan and many more.

If you’re looking to take on the full Rumu experience, then there’s nothing else to choose other than its various premium platters. Ranging from the Kagoshima A5 platter, Rumu Signature Platter, beef platter, mixed platter (with beef, chicken and seafood), to the Rumu Signature Seafood Platter. Furthermore, the menu has rice dishes such as truffle claypot and Rumu’s garlic butter fried rice, as well as the noodle selection, like creamy mentaiko udon or japchae. 


Clearly, Rumu has the space for everything and every one. Rooms are available for guests between two persons up to 35, meetings or gatherings, karaoke singalongs or bachelor parties, intimate dinners or after-office drinking sessions – it’s the place to be.  

Exquisite Taste Volume 40

Rumu Private Room Grill

Jalan Adityawarman No. 71

Jakarta 12160, Indonesia

T: (+62) 82121220009

IG: @rumujkt