Welcome To The Roaring Twenties


Publico Bistro & Bar takes you to the glorious era of New York in the 1920s with its chic and glamorous parties full of jazz, food, cocktails, wine and beer. Experience the decade of The Great Gatsby with new menus from Chef Dominique Heitz.

A perfect fit with the theme, the Bistro places a big emphasis on jazz and swing music. The two genres accompany diners during weekdays, while a DJ provides entertainment on Friday nights. Occupying a three-storey building, Publico Bistro & Bar has a wine cellar on the first and second floors and a bakery corner on the ground floor. For a more personal ambience, Publico Bistro & Bar has two private rooms; Hemingway and Al Capone.

As a starter, you might want to try the escargot baked in wasabi butter, or a fresh Caesar salad. Another favourite appetizer is traditional French onion soup. The onions are slow cooked in the oven until meltingly sweet, then caramelized on the stove to get the deep richness that is the base for a great soup, and then topped with a cheesy crouton. So tasty!


To tease your taste buds, escalope of duck foie gras is waiting. Served with pineapple, paprika chutney and wild rocket leaves, it has a rich, buttery flavour. Or go for the simple potato gnocchi made from russet potatoes, flour and egg served tossed with butter as a side dish or with a sauce for a main course. There’s also Wagyu striploin, one of the favourite on the menu. The steak, grilled using an Inka charcoal oven, is served in all its mouth-watering glory with a chunk of butter on top and vegetables on the side. For pasta selections, the duck aglio olio is a great choice served with a western-eastern fusion twist. The duck with red chillies and garlic represents the eastern kick, while the spaghetti, cheese and herbs gave it a proper western touch. The homemade relish gives a good amount of kick to this pasta dish!


Save rooms for desserts. We love the Valrhona chocolate fondant! Served with Valrhona chocolate mousse, chocolate crumble, a vanilla chantilly topper with salted caramel, it has just the right amount of rich sweetness with a perfectly textured mousse and tastes as wonderful as it looks. Another firm favourite is the ice-cream layered vacherin, a tart treat of vanilla and raspberry ice cream, pistachio, meringue and chantilly. Or go for the melted chocolate sphere with macaroons, pop rock, raspberry and vanilla mouse.

Don’t forget to taste the “Prohibition Era” cocktails. The root of the concept resonates in the selection of drinks, bringing together the golden age of New York with modern twists for feisty beverages, such as the Maiden Moonshine, Gentleman’s Port, Le Bleu de France, Mango Cabana, Boston Tea Party and so many others that guarantee to liven up your night.

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