A Rustic Lunch for Friends

A Rustic Lunch for Friends


There is little better than gathering with friends or family over a long lunch, so Settimo Cielo has put together a grazing menu that perfectly suits leisurely socialising.

The Italians have refined the art of meals that are far more than just sating your appetite; they are occasions for people to share time and cement relationships, so it’s no wonder that home-style Italian food is perfectly suited to groups. Settimo Cielo, which appropriately means Seventh Heaven, has brought this concept to life in Seminyak’s relaxed, holiday atmosphere and is offering 25 of its signature dishes sized perfectly for grazing.

The menu, shared by the whole table, is packed with traditional Italian flavours in tempting dishes that use ingredients bursting with freshness and are prepared to order. The presentation is modern and the although the dishes are rustic in origin, they have undergone the Settimo Cielo magic and are small plates of divine temptation.


Divided into six sections, the menu starts out raw and cured with items like yellow fin crudo and bresaola with stracciatella, rucola pesto and cherry tomato drizzled in balsamic. These classic openers continue with the crisp and grilled section’s ever-tempting fried zucchini blossoms stuffed with goat cheese that are even better with a touch of tangy salsa verde. As these are likely to vanish from your friends’ plates in moments, it’s a good idea to order several, although you can always order more of anything on the grazing menu at any time during your meal.

Another temptation in this section is the hearty arancini with their rich yellow rice encasing a meaty centre accented by the side of olive tapenade; the fritto of calamari are also highly worthy of note.

The traditional Italian soups comprise minestrone, porcini mushroom and saffron seafood, while the salads are vibrant and include options such as the iconic Mediterranean combination of fennel, orange and rucola. The velvety pasta is made in-house and is beautifully presented, glistening with sauce. The goat cheese and ricotta tortelloni has a delightful depth with dried orange, parmesan and toasted almonds adding a hint of complexity. The meat balls and paccheri, meanwhile, are hearty and full-bodied in a white wine tomato sauce. The pizza section has four renowned choices – margherita, mushroom, four cheese, and rucola and prosciutto, with crispy bases and luscious toppings.

The restaurant itself is chic, modern and welcoming, with friendly staff who are happy to advise on food and drinks. The bar serves a selection of cocktails and boasts an extensive wine list, as well as fresh juices. Settimo Cielo is also open for breakfast and dinner with classic dinner items like osso bucco, lamb shank and roasted barramundi, in addition to many of the dishes on the lunchtime grazing menu.

The refined flavours of these delicious rustic dishes offer a great opportunity to explore the joys of Italy through a dining experience that is both fun and satiating. Already a must-do for many of Bali’s residents and tourists-in-the-know, Settimo Cielo is sure to continue growing in popularity.

Settimo Cielo
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Bali 80361, Indonesia
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