Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant

Celebrate Life with Authentic Spanish Cuisine

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant adds a flair of authentic Spanish cuisine to Bali’s culinary scene with a stunning selection of signature sangrias and an irresistible collection of Spain’s most beloved dishes.



Serenity’s restaurant manager, Mr. Laxmi, a native of Nepal who has worked with the Serenity brand since its first restaurant opened in Singapore over five years ago, says the restaurant is all about offering the very best of Spain. “Spain is divided into four distinct gastronomic regions. We have taken the very best flavours from each corner of the country, culminating in the best tapas, sangrias, Spanish wines, and of course regional specialities such as paella and suckling pig.”

Following up the much-deserved success of Serenity’s Singaporean locations, including Vivo City and Takashimaya Mall, it makes sense to turn Bali’s epicureans onto a classic taste of one of Europe’s most famous cuisines. Conveniently situated along Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai in Sanur, on the same side as and very close to the turn-off onto the village’s main thoroughfare of Jl. Danau Tamblingan, Serenity joins a host of trendy businesses that have identified Sanur as the next up and coming “it” destination on the island.

An imposing stone façade and exquisitely grand interiors create a chateâu-like ambience, yet contemporary background music, such as the Austrian multi-instrumentalist band Tosca, adds a seductive Bali vibe to both the interior and outdoor dining areas. Upon entry, you’ll find a cosy lounge with two velvet-upholstered sofas and a gilded coffee table laden with all the latest high profile publications.

A row of black and plum burned velvet loveseats offers an opportunity to dine in a very intimate setting, while six strategically placed bar seats line the dynamic display kitchen. Diners are offered an unobstructed view of the gleaming gourmet kitchen and the restaurant’s culinary team, dressed to the nines in black with black and white striped aprons and hats.

For al fresco dining, an outdoor patio offers both covered and open-air options. Featuring a lush tropical garden with potted orchids, heliconias and frangipani trees, the patio’s mosaic flooring is tiled in deep sea and rainbow hues. On the second floor, a very private VIP dining room is available for pre-booked sit-down events for up to twenty-six guests. An elegant cigar lounge is an inviting space for post-dinner cocktails with quality cigars on offer from Serenity’s private collection.

A refreshing summer-style drink that gained popularity in the 1960s, there’s no better cocktail for Bali’s tropical lifestyle than sangria. Literally translated from the word ‘blood’, Serenity offers nine authentic recipes. The plan is to slowly add to the selection, one day offering a variety that compares to their Singapore venues, which offer 40 tantalising concoctions. Perfect for a midday indulgence, Serenity’s Tinto de Verano is a light and refreshing mix of red wine, lemon juice and soda. For an afternoon libation that packs a little more punch, the Sangria de Original with white wine is mixed with a splash of gin, brandy, orange liquor, lemonade, fresh juices and finely diced fruit. A retro paper umbrella adds a touch of old-school glamour.

With dinner, we recommend the Sangria de Original with red wine. It utilises the same ingredients as its pale sister, yet delivers a more full-bodied flavour that most people associate with classic sangria. What separates Serenity’s sangria collection from other Spanish restaurants in Bali is the distinctive Rioja Spanish wine that is used in each one of its recipes. Dating back to Roman times, Rioja is the most famous wine region in Spain. “We offer the most extensive Spanish wine list on the island,” Laxmi says. “Guests come here for the Marques de Riscal Gran Reserva 2001, an internationally renowned varietal that is not easy to find. The Marques de Caceres Crianza 2008 is also a favourite amongst return diners.”

Tapas have been a Spanish tradition since the days of King Alfonso I, when the monarch fell ill and was given a strict, wine-only diet. On the advice of his doctor, small dishes in bite-sized portions were also served along with the wine to help him regain his vim and vigour.

Asking the chef to surprise us with two favourite dishes, we were treated to the Dátiles con Bacon, four succulent dates wrapped in thick slices of cooked bacon, and the Gambas al Ajillo, a sharing plate of tiger prawns dressed in extra virgin olive oil and minced garlic, sautéed and crisped to perfection.

Similar to the traditional Chinese clay pot, paella is Spain’s national rice dish. Served in portions for two or four people, we opted for the Paella Valenciana, a creamy variety of short grain rice prepared with saffron, one of the world’s most expensive spices. Jumbo prawns, thin slices of chorizo, miniature scallops, calamari rings, whole green peas and chopped green and red peppers create a wonderful harmony of balanced flavours, one never outdoing another.

Since some paella enthusiasts love their paella prepared in a drier fashion, the kitchen welcomes customised requests. And because each dish is prepared from scratch, it is advised that all paella orders are placed upon arrival.

Serenity’s Cochinillo Asado, or suckling pig, is sourced from the company’s very own farm in Java. Utilising food technology from Spain, the Valencian-style dish is served in quarter, half and whole proportions. To showcase the succulence of the meat, whole piglets are brought to your table on a rustic wood platter and instead of being sliced with a knife, a small round plate is used, easily slicing through the juicy, fall-off-the-bone flesh. Accompanied by an addictive sweet tomato jam and savoury brown gravy, the suckling pig taunts you with whisper thin crispy skin and a light broth that is spooned around the meat and potatoes.

To honour Spain’s tradition of inviting good luck into your life, guests are encouraged to toss the small cutting plate into a special barrel, smashing it to pieces. The unique ritual adds a heightened level of joy and celebration to the restaurant’s positive energy, certainly creating a memorable scene that will be retold to friends and family long after the evening ends.