Spa at Maya

Spa at Maya

A Mother Nature’s Anti-Ageing Secrets at Spa at Maya


Every step that leads down to the healing oasis of Spa at Maya leads you closer to being one with Mother Nature. Set against the panoramic backdrop of a lush river valley, Spa at Maya epitomises the dream that is Ubud, transporting each visitor to the heart and soul of Bali’s rich cultural heritage. Committed to maintaining the authenticity of wellness rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation, as well as staying abreast of the industry’s latest trends and techniques, Spa at Maya is a haven for natural beauty and wellness enthusiasts.

Nourishing and repairing, the 90-minute ‘Tropical Escape Papaya – Pineapple Crème Fraiche Wrap’ is an idyllic treatment for guests in search of a natural treatment to counteract premature ageing, sun damage and wrinkles. After a refreshing iced tea and chilled face towel, your therapist leads you to a private treatment suite overlooking the Petanu River. A silken sarong in Spa at Maya’s signature batik print is provided, instantly transporting you into a soothed state of mind.  Your treatment begins with a classic foot ritual, soaking your feet in warm water with floating frangipani blossoms. Your therapist gently scrubs each foot with a gentle sea salt mixture, slowly relaxing you into the rhythm of the flowing river below.

Lying face down on the lightly heated massage table, she applies a finely ground mixture of sea salt, pineapple and papaya, kneading your muscles as the heavenly concoction not only exfoliates lackluster skin to perfection, but also fills the open-air suite with the sweet notes of Bali’s ripe abundance. After the scrub is thoughtfully wiped away, she continues with a massage cream, continuing to coax tired muscles into relaxation. As your mind drifts to mundane thoughts of to-do lists and day-to-day worries, the powerful sound of the river works to keep you firmly rooted in the present, focusing on the therapist’s masterful strokes and positive energy.


Once your skin is polished and tension fully released, a crème fraiche mask is applied to your entire body, supplying calcium, Vitamin A, pomegranate extract, collagen polypeptides for smoothing, and elastin polypeptides for firming directly into each pore. To ensure that you remain comfortable, while your skin absorbs the mask’s potent anti-ageing properties, you are wrapped in multiple layers to maintain just the right body temperature. After rinsing beneath a warm shower, the treatment culminates in the application of a wholesome balm that seals in moisture, ensuring that healing benefits continue throughout the day.

Renowned throughout the Asia Pacific region as one of Bali’s most prestigious spa experiences, Spa Director Ibu Suarini explains that low turnover amongst therapists is one of Spa at Maya’s secret weapons. “Most of our team has been here for over ten years,” she explains. “We are a family and treat each other as such by enjoying off-site activities such as temple visits and lunch outings together. Our therapists stay on top of the latest trends and are given the opportunity to receive luxury treatments themselves at many of Bali’s five-star spas, so that they have personal knowledge of what the experience is all about.”

“I believe that our Balinese therapists deliver good karma to each guest,” she continues. 

I feel good knowing that our guests will receive the life-changing Balinese experience each and every one of them deserves.”

For visitors that don’t have the luxury to create freshly made spa products from pineapple and papaya at home in their own countries, Spa at Maya retails the custom designed ‘Ligne Tropicale Spa Body Line’ by Pevonia, one of the world’s most exclusive spa product lines. Produced entirely from organic ingredients, travellers can experience the exotic nuances and healing benefits of tropical fruit within the privacy of their own homes.

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