Tango with Esperanza

Tango with Esperanza




Served in a wine glass and garnished with a hibiscus flower and a mango and vanilla-bean foam, the exotic Tango with Esperanza cocktail at Hu’u Bar is unsurprisingly inspired by the lush flora that dots the adjoining Baba’s restaurant. But more than just a simple imitation of the garden, the cocktail actually represents the brand’s entire concept: modern, tropical luxury. The modern aspect of the cocktail is captured by the vanilla espuma, while the tropical side of it comes from the ingredients used: a coconut-infused rum, hibiscus, citrus juice and the mango purée. Then, the luxuriousness of the cocktail comes from the wine glass itself – the giant goblet that holds the secret to the sweet and citrus creation. A white chocolate liqueur rounds it all off, adding extra yum to each sip.


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