Taste of the Origins

Taste of the Origins


Explore the flavours of Scotland with the Johnnie Walker Black Label Origin Series.

Whisky aficionados love and appreciate the many layers of flavour in every sip of the amber nectar, but not everyone knows that a distillery’s location plays an important role in creating the intricacies of those flavours. Johnnie Walker is one of the world’s leading whisky brands and knows a thing or two about crafting a great scotch, and the renowned brand is now introducing its limited edition Origin Series, which focuses on specific areas of Scotland to help you identify the flavour you enjoy best.

Whether you prefer fruity flavours, sweet and creamy vanilla, or smoky notes, Johnnie Walker Black Label is sure to have something that you love, and the Origin Series is celebrating the distinct flavour profiles found in four corners of Scotland: Speyside, the Highlands, the Lowlands and the islands off Scotland’s west coast.

The whiskies in this new collection include incredible single malts from some of Johnnie Walker’s most famous distilleries and push you beyond your taste boundaries. To create these incredible whiskies, Master Blender Jim Beveridge and his team sampled whiskies from more than 29 distilleries around Scotland to find the best range of characteristics and tasting notes for a new level of perfection.

The Origin Series is born from that sense of exploration, and the thirst to discover and classify more of the best tastes. Each bottle of whisky in the range comes in a bespoke pack, adorned with interesting facts and insights about the area of origin. Sample these fine whiskies for yourself and discover how a small-team of whisky-makers create award-winning scotch every day.

Explore Scotland with Johnnie Walker

With its cool climate and rugged land, Scotland has long been known as the home of great tasting scotch. Johnnie Walker’s Origin Series showcases the unique flavours of various areas, like that of the Highlands, famous for the depth in each sip, while the Speyside produces fruitier single malts. Down in the Lowlands, the whiskies have a sweeter character, while those from the islands off Scotland have a smoky, maritime character.

Speyside Lowball

Johnnie Walker Black Label Speyside Origin


50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label Origins – Speyside

20ml Elderflower Cordial

75ml Chilled Soda Water


Build in a rocks glass over plenty of cubed ice and stir gently.

Garnish with a lemon zest.

Heather Honey Old Fashioned

Johnnie Walker Black Label Lowlands Origin


50ml Johnnie Walker Black Label Origins – Lowlands

20ml Heather Honey Syrup (1:1 honey to water)

1 dash Angostura Bitters


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass over cubed ice.

Stir for 20 seconds.

Strain into a rocks glass over fresh cubed ice.

Garnish with an orange twist.


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