Tea Time!

Tea Time!

Tea Time!

For you tea addicts, tea isn’t just a simple beverage. It can also be an ethereal experience through a spa treatment.THEMAE_Facial

Not many people can have their own “me time”, especially in a big city like Jakarta. You want to find a relaxing moment but it’s too much trouble to drive out of town. So why not go to a spa to escape from the daily routines? Yes, the right treatment can refresh and relax you. With this in mind, we decided to try the tea-based ritual from THÉMAÉ Paris at Bimasena Spa at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta.


Today, many spas and beauty products offer a new way to enjoy and benefit from tea. Discovered many centuries ago, tea is renowned for its healing properties to aid relaxation, rehydration and help eliminate toxins. Knowing this, spas began to infuse tea and tea-based ingredients into their menus. Tea helps rejuvenate the skin being rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals and anti-aging, aiding skin regeneration for a younger and fresher look, as well as being great for exfoliation.


Cosmetic and spa brand THÉMAÉ Paris has brought tea benefits into its spa products through the precious Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Tea Elixir) consisting of 4 types of tea: red, white, green and black, all good for your health and beauty. 


THÉMAÉ Paris offers treatments that combine the art of massage and tea-based products to pamper you and, in collaboration, Bimasena Spa at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta has proudly introduced its Tea Ritual treatment. The 2.5-hour treatment makes use of the specially formulated products of THÉMAÉ Paris, starting  with a tea foot wash, followed by Nepalese-style Tea Exfoliation. The therapist rubs and massages your body with the exfoliating balm, a luxuriant sensation that is neither sticky nor rough, leaving you feeling silky smooth. A quick bath follows, to wash away the balm. Then it’s on to the one-hour Oriental Massage, freeing your body, mind and soul from tension. No wonder you’ll fall asleep during this massage. 


The treatment ends with a facial consisting of a gentle massage of the face and head, cleansing your face of makeup and an Instant Glow Green Tea Facial for that inner shine from the purifying tea face mask. For the best results, don’t shower immediately and leave the wonderfully restorative ingredients to work their magic on our skin. 


The ritual concludes with an indulgent selection of premium tea, scones, mini sandwiches and traditional Indonesian snacks.


This rejuvenating spa experience is priced at IDR2,000,000++ (single) and IDR3,800,000++ (for a couple in the Private Suite). Bimasena Spa also provides other tea-based single treatments using THÉMAÉ Paris rituals and products, such as the Oriental Tea Massage (1 hour) and Stress Release Massage (30 minutes).


Bimasena Spa has six regular treatment rooms, three private spa suites, a hydrotherapy room, a manicure and pedicure room, hair salon, waiting lounge and locker room facilities. So what are you waiting for? Book your treatment now!   



Red Tea is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and has soothing properties to improve microcirculation and encourage healthy skin


Black Tea contains flavanoids, polysaccharides, vitamins (A, B, C, and P), fluorine, caffeine, tannins and polyphenols, which give the tea stimulating and powerful antioxidant properties.


White Tea contains the highest polyphenol concentration, providing anti-radical, anti-aging and restorative properties.


Green Tea contains a high concentration of antioxidants to combat free radicals and control acne as it has an astringent affect to soothe the skin.

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