The Ultimate Japanese Dining Experience

The Ultimate Japanese Dining Experience


Located in Causeway Bay, Sushi Ta-ke promises the ultimate Japanese dining experience with dark greys and bamboo details that create balanced harmony and simple yet elegant dining ambiance and also fresh and original ingredients, beautiful and artful presentation and excellent cooking techniques.

Sushi Ta-ke is delighted to have Chef Mamoru Sugiyama as its Consulting Chef. Chef Mamoru Sugiyama is the fourth generation master of Ginza Sushikou Honten that was founded in 1885 in Japan. For 130 years, Ginza Sushikou Honten has been an extremely popular place where people can enjoy exquisite dishes, delicious wines and sake with great company. Now, the best, most delicious sushi and family heritage have been brought all the way to Hong Kong by Chef Mamoru Sugiyama himself.
Diners are granted satisfaction with the hospitality of sushi chefs at Sushi Ta-ke. They are more than happy to have every dish served clearly and thoughtfully, the Japanese way. Some of the signature dishes at Sushi Ta-ke include Fresh Fatty Tuna Sashimi, assorted sushi and Miso soup. All dishes are made from the freshest ingredients selected and crafted by the chefs.

Moreover, Sushi Ta-ke is also serving a seasonal Omakase menu. The menu, created specially by Chef Sugiyama, demonstrates everything about Japan. The fresh ingredients imported from Japan, the meticulous attention to details and the highly skilful techniques produce authentic Japanese cuisine in the most amazing way. Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese foods. A restaurant that claims to be a Japanese restaurant is expected to serve the delicious and famous sushi. Sushi Ta-ke serves a wide variety of sushi such as giant conch, oceanic sea urchin and buttery Hamachi sushi.

Sushi Ta-ke serves an excellent collection of wines and sakes as well, from old and new worlds. The collection of sakes ranges from vintage and unusual to boutique and limited edition. A sophisticated and premium white wine called WAH is created by the Australian winemaker Pernod Ricard and co-created by Chef Sugiyama. The character WAH in Japanese means “Japan”, “Japanese cuisine” and “story telling”.

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