Three Ways Pork at Sakala

Three Ways Pork at Sakala


Lauded as one of Bali’s best fine dining restaurants, SAKALA sets high standards by constantly seeking new and innovative concepts that surprise, delight and keep guests coming back for more of Chef Frédéric Boulay’s artistic array of premium French cuisine. One dish that we keep returning for is the chef’s Three Ways Pork, which, as the name implies, features three hunks of pork cooked and prepared in three different ways. The first juicy package is a neat wedge of slow-cooked pork belly topped with a layer of perfectly spiced lentils, vegetables, bacon and fresh herbs. Pork belly can often turn out rather fatty with just a small amount of meat attached, but this is far from the case at SAKALA. The meat is just as it should be; in abundance with the perfect slivering of maple bacon flavoured fat. On the other side of the plate sits a bundle of rustic pulled pork leg and a crown of chopped vegetables, whilst taking centre stage are chunky slices of uber-tender pork loin resting atop a crunchy yet buttery potato base. Each type of pork is cooked in the juices of the their own ingredients, whether it be organic, locally sourced vegetables, fruits or spices. The dish is a real treat for meat lovers and testament to Chef Boulay’s culinary creativity.

Chef Frédéric Boulay


“For this dish, I use the freshest organic baby pork from Bali. I make sure the pig is a maximum of 20 kilos and I use of all of the meat it provides.

The first part of the dish is the slow-cooked pork belly with a crispy skin and served with Dupuy lentils. It is in honour of the Balinese babi guling. As for adding the lentils, this is a family tradition. It is something that my dad used to cook at home with Merguez and now I do it myself for my family.

Next is the pork loin, the second part of the plate. It is served in a traditional French way with crusty sliced stuffed potato. I reproduce the “pomme de terre Anna” then I add bacon between the potato layers.

And last but not least, the third piece of pork is the slow-cooked braised vacuum leg, cooked for 48hrs in its own juices. For me it really represents the popular British “pulled pork”, and I serve it with savoy cabbage and small vegetables.”