Travel the World with Padma Semarang

Travel the World with Padma Semarang

The hotel’s all-day dining Semawis Restaurant will host the new concept Sunday brunch.

Continuing Padma Hotel Semarang’s indulgent all-in-one resort experience, its signature all-day dining Semawis Restaurant has prepared an international fare concept for its newly launched Sunday brunch. Designed to bring the plethora of flavours from around the world into your plate, the menu will lead you to discover different cuisines. From mapping dishes of United States, Europe and the Asian archipelago, before diverting to the Mediterranean.

Executive Chef Marco Braun have crafted a comprehensive menu that consists of worldwide delicacies. Enjoy offerings of a typical New York deli, or to eclectic corners such as Russian havens of Matryoshka Dollan, the irresistible Turkish kebab, even a quick taste of Sicilian pizza before taking your tastebuds to travel to Tokyo with their sashimi corner. Fly back to finding yourself at the centre of Indonesian household with the punching aromas of terong belado and tempe orek.

To make the gastronomy journey more official, every traveler will receive a passport with a special mission to explore different countries that represent the variation of menus. This is certainly something new for Semarang’s food scene – one that is worth to try.

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