Understated Elegance

Understated Elegance

Celebrating the passionate flavours of Italy, Piasan at Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villas & Spa unites classic Italian cuisine with Bali’s freshest produce.

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Hearty meals, full-bodied wines and warm company capture the essence of authentic Italian fare, whilst first-class service and the exquisite surroundings embody Kayumanis’ flair for style and presentation. Beginning with the freshest Italian antipasto and concluding with an invigorating espresso, guests will be guided on a delightful culinary journey, exploring the traditions of Italian home dining, to the finest farms in Bali.

The pristine dining area glimmers with style and elegance, from the perfectly-polished silverware to the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows. Traditional elements are blended with chic and contemporary décor in an oxymoronic celebration of contrasting materials. My tall yet dainty wine glass rests upon a solid plate of stone, whilst brilliantly white tableware is embraced by the dark woven woods of my placemat. The bamboo ceiling above me makes for a dramatic decorative antithesis against the lustrous dining tables, gracefully dressed in draping white tablecloths.

As I gaze out to the infinitely green surroundings, the peacefulness of the tranquil garden is almost overwhelming. The wings of a dancing butterfly send gentle ripples across the surface of a previously-still pond, framed by manicured lawns and swaying palms. A couple of intimate al fresco dining tables enjoy the serene backdrop of a trickling waterway, whilst alongside, a giant fire urn stands almost majestically, waiting patiently to reveal its radiance once the delicious sun fades. Executive Chef Denny greets me at my table with a welcoming smile and his humble Balinese spirit. He explains how he tweaks his menu day-by-day,adapting it according to the ocean’s specialities caught from Jimbaran that morning, or to the availability of fresh vegetables locally-sourced from the farms of Bali. Listening to his passion for market-fresh produce and clean, traditional flavours, I can’t wait to taste his culinary delights…

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To whet my appetite, I am introduced to the colourful masterpiece that is the chef’s Insalata di Mare. A delectable presentation of mixed seafood, marinated with celery, red pepper, fresh oregano, parsley and garlic, and topped with a vibrant crunchy salad. The morning’s fresh catch means I am treated to a medley of succulent prawns, scallops and snapper, accompanied by a juicy tuna steak, cooked to perfection and revealing a superbly-pink middle. And it tastes as heavenly as it looks. Light and refreshing, yet radiating with a sense of opulent indulgence. If it wasn’t so delicious, it would seem immoral to spoil such a fantastic display. Every detail has been precisely perfected and matched harmoniously with accompanying flavours and textures. And this impeccable attention to detail doesn’t stop there…

The Filetto alla griglia con asparagi e funghi makes its way to my sparkling plate for my main course. The chargrilled beef fillet takes centre stage, garnished with a delicate stem of rosemary, and cushioned by a decadent mushroom sauce that infuses the room with rich and earthy aromas. By its side, a neat tomato parcel is home to a bundle of roasted vegetables, emanating with a natural sweetness and a surprising hint of a smoky finish. Two stems of asparagus engage in a warm embrace, intimately wrapped in an all-Italian prosciutto blanket, and set atop a rounded bed of polenta. The asparagus is slightly al dente, offering a satisfying little crunch amidst the tenderness of the cured meat.

I sit back to take in the orchestra of flavours that have passed my lips. The ingredients are simple – clean and unostentatious, yet when combined, they form a complex choreography of culinary genii. I ponder this thought with a sip of Strawberry Crush – a refreshing blend of whole strawberries with a lively kick of vodka, a pineapple liqueur and a dash of lime. The sweet taste of this popular tipple moves my thoughts onto dessert.

A bright and artistic display of vibrant fruit purées swirl around the centrepiece of an Italian Tiramisu, accompanied by tropical pink and orange spheres of watermelon. Savoiardi biscuit is the base of this creamy coffee treat, while a heavenly dusting of airy chocolate velvets the crown. Accompanied by an invigorating Italian espresso, my taste buds have been transported to the heart of Venice. Piasan not only offers stunning à la carte lunch and dinner menus, but also a palate-pleasing selection of set menus fit for any occasion. With Chef Denny’s adeptness to adjust menus according to the day’s freshest produce, he and his culinary experts can also alter set menus according to individual guests’ desires. Whatever your craving, Piasan is set to add a sense of contemporary class to your Italian dining experience, with an added touch from the fruitful gardens of Bali.