Vini Luccarelli

Vini Luccarelli

Splendid Wines Crafted with Typical Italian Passion   

ocated in Apulia, Southern Italy and with a range of distinctive and multi-award-winning wines, Luccarelli is one of the most successful wine producers and exporters in the region. The driving philosophy at Luccarelli is one of care: Care for the land, care for the people, care for the vines and care for the wines they produce.

Massimo Di Bari

Apulia is one of Italy’s most important wine-producing areas and benefits from a hot Mediterranean climate with persistent sunshine and sea breezes making it the perfect environment for viticulture. The region’s geology shows a bias towards cretaceous limestone with underlying iron-rich deposits. The result is the historic emergence and later refinement of a number of popular local earthy varietals like Negroamaro, Primitivo di Manduria and Malvasia Nera, grapes that are well-perfumed and offer intense and concentrated flavours.

For those unaccustomed to the character and sophistication of Italian wines, the grape varietals might not be as familiar as some of the famous French names, but nonetheless grapes like Negroamaro and Primitivo produce high-quality, full-flavoured and well-priced wines that can be drunk young and should improve with moderate ageing.

il Bacca Old Vine Primitivo di Manduria

Primitivo is a dark-skinned grape that produces intensely flavoured and deeply coloured wines that are high in alcohol and tannins. An excellent example of the varietal, the Lucarelli il Bacca Old Vine uses slightly overripe Primitivo di Manduria grapes from Salento fermented in stainless steel vats before aging in American and French oak barrels for 12 months.

The wine is full-bodied with a deep ruby red colour tinged on the edges with sparking hints of garnet. An intense and complex bouquet awaits with broad hints of red fruits, plum jam, vanilla and cocoa. In the mouth it is velvety with a lingering cocoa flavour supported by firm tannins and a freshness that lifts the palate.

Il Bacca is sold ready to enjoy but its complexity will continue to evolve in the bottle for the next 10 years at least.

Pair it up

Ideally served at 18C, drink socially or serve with mature cheese or game and meat dishes. Perfect with local Puglia specialities such as bombette di maiale – thin slices of pork filled with mature cheese, or agnello e patate al forno – traditional roast lamb chops.

Negroamaro Puglia 

The Negroamaro grape produces wines that are very deep in colour and demonstrate a rustic and earthy character. Native to southern Italy, it is grown almost exclusively in Apulia and particularly in Salento – the southern part of Apulia.

Luccarelli’s award-winning Negroamaro Puglia is deep ruby red with subtle reflective purple tints. Intense and spicy the velvety medium-bodied wine offers notes of blackcurrants and blackberries and offers a delightful balance between freshness and lingering warmth. Supple and soft, it has a long and luscious savoury finish making it a superb all-rounder.

Pair it up

Approachable and easy to drink, serve between 16 and 18C with tomato-based pasta dishes, grilled meats in general, milder hams and medium-aged cheeses. Alternatively enjoy with cheesy tapas like cheese puffs or pizza. A great choice for BBQs.

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