A Gift from The Past

A Gift from The Past


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The complex flavour Drambuie Whisky is not only a closely guarded secret, but the foundation of countless cocktails.   

By Jake Fredericks

Over 250 years ago, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, popularly referred to as Bonnie Prince Charlie, challenged the British throne in a historic uprising – and lost. After suffering a crushing military defeat the prince was chased across the highlands of western Scotland by the King’s men who were eager for retribution. Only one step ahead of the enemy, Prince Charles managed to survive only with the help of the native highland clans. Among them was Clan MacKinnon whose chief, John MacKinnon, aided the Prince in his narrow escape from The Isle of Skye. As a token for his appreciation, the Prince gave John MacKinnon the secret recipe to his personal liqueur, a drink that he imbibed each day to retain his royal strength and vitality. This gift, treasured for generations, would become what we know today as Drambuie.

Ever since, this recipe for Drambuie has been a closely guarded secret and the process has remained unchanged. Today the secret recipe is only known by a select few who hand blend an undisclosed mixture of herbs, spices and Scottish heather honey to the exact specifications of the historic original recipe. Then, Drambuie’s Chief Blender creates a traditional Scotch whisky base using a blend of grain and a selection of the finest Speyside and Highland malt whiskies to form a divine counterpart to the delicate flavours of the secret elixir that the Bonnie Prince Charles once gifted to the highland clans of Scotland all those years ago.


Royal Breeze Ginger Beer


• 50ml of Drambuie

• 1 scoop cubed ice

• 125ml ginger beer

• 2 wedges lime


Pour the Drambuie into tall glass filled with cubed ice, top with ginger beer. Squeeze the juice from 2 lime wedges and stir gently.


apple toddy whiskey

Hot Apple Toddy


• 35ml Drambuie

• 1 cinnamon stick

• 125ml hot apple juice

• 1 lemon wedge


Pour the Drambuie and hot apple juice into a heatproof glass. Squeeze the juice of a lemon wedge and stir. Garnish with a stick of cinnamon.

Rusty Nail


• 25ml Drambuie

• 25ml blended scotch whisky

• 1 scoop of cubed ice

• 1 lemon twist


In an old fashioned glass, pour one measure of Drambuie and one measure of blended scotch whisky over cubed ice. Stir gently and garnish with a twist of lemon.