A Clearly Tantalising Venue

A Clearly Tantalising Venue

Salmon teriyaki

Enjoy Japanese cuisine, whisky, sake and a buzzing vibe.

Emphasising a casual, laid-back approach to dining, Fujin Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky is an increasingly popular spot for lovers of Japanese cuisine looking to kick back and feel at home.

Located in the hip Gunawarman area of South Jakarta, the restaurant has won a well-deserved reputation for superb Japanese food and the finest whiskies, with sake also playing a prominent role in its extensive offerings.

The restaurant is bright and cheery with comfortable booths, regular tables or the option of sitting at the large, well-stocked central bar, just the place to enjoy the refreshing, pure taste of AQUA Reflections mineral water. The perfect accompaniment to Fujin’s tantalising dishes, AQUA Reflections has a single source that naturally mineralizes and filters the water through layers of volcanic rock.


Popular with the after-work crowd during the week and families at the weekend, Fujin has something for everyone. Thursday evenings, for example, have a DJ pumping out the hottest tracks along with For Sake’s Sake three-hour, all-you-can-drink sake, making it a great way to chill out ahead of the weekend.

For those looking to grab a satisfying lunch with business colleagues or taking a break from hectic shopping with friends, the Fujin lunch set is the perfect choice. Especially recommended is the salmon teriyaki, a succulent Norwegian salmon steak served on a piping hot plate accompanied by gohan, goma shio kyuri and chawanmushi, as well as miso soup and desert, it has everything anyone could want to set themselves up for the busy afternoon ahead.

Other options range from Beef Yakinuku Stamina and Meltique Cube Roll Steak to tiger prawn mayo and chicken nanban. Fujin’s signature house-made teriyaki sauce, with its distinctive savoury miso-infused flavour, and the sweeter yakinuku sauce have become so popular that they are now available for customers to take home.

Amid this sensory effulgence of enticing flavours and captivating aromas, the bottles of AQUA Reflections, whether the effervescent sparkling or the cool, refreshing mineral water stand proud, capturing the eye with their distinctive blossom labels created by renowned Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan.

The combination of convivial company, delectable food and sublime AQUA Reflections mineral water is guaranteed to ensure any visit to Fujin will linger long in the memory.

Fujin Teppanyaki & Japanese Whisky
Jalan Gunawarman No. 21
Senopati, Jakarta 12110, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2127513838

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