Webber Kitchen Appliances Officially Launched

Webber Kitchen Appliances Officially Launched


Bringing superior German engineering embodied by precision, quality and functionality, Webber Kitchen Appliances has officially announced its much-anticipated arrival in Indonesia. The official launch of Webber was celebrated on 25th June, 2015, at the Jakarta Design Center. The event saw General Manager of Webber Asia Serene Kwok, Chef Ambassador Christian Bruhns, and culinary expert William Wongso demonstrated safe, sophisticated and convenient manner in which Webber appliances work.

While the highly advanced functionality of Webber appliances may be daunting to some, learning to efficiently utilize their full potential will be a breeze thanks to attentive technicians that install and thoroughly demonstrate all there is to know about the appliances you choose. With features such as moisture-retaining ovens and temperature-responsive stoves, these modern appliances are very much tailored to Asian cooking as well.

To establish a solid footing in Indonesia’s kitchenware market, Webber Asia will be opening a flagship Webber Gallery on 1st August, 2015, on the second floor of the Jakarta Design Center. Aside from a full range of products for the kitchen, bar and pantry, including impressive coffee-makers, the boutique will also incorporate Javanegra Coffee Boutique, which will allow customers to experience and enjoy Javanegra Coffee Capsules—the first ever coffee capsule produced locally.

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