Whisky and Water at The King Cole Bar

Whisky and Water at The King Cole Bar


A lot of serious whisky drinkers have very definite opinions on what makes a good whisky and how it should be drunk. For many, drinking whisky, especially a single malt, is much more than a mere indulgence, it is a toast to civilisation itself, an act steeped in tradition and something that is almost ceremonial in nature and, as such, should be deeply respected and fully savoured.

Today there is a vast choice of whiskies available hailing from around the world. Many whiskies exhibit distinctive and unique characteristics derived from the techniques and ingredients used to craft this wonderful dark spirit.

There are blends, premium blends, rye and corn whiskies, but for most connoisseurs at the top end of the whisky league sits the world of the single malt. Whilst most often associated with Scotland, and rightly so, there are notable distilleries in other countries including Japan, England, New Zealand, Ireland, Wales and India, all producing excellent single malts.

Single malts are whiskies made with just one type of malted barley in a single distillery, each using their own secret recipes and techniques, often handed down and honed over centuries. The result is a plethora of distinct whiskies that are produced and consumed the world over by people who value quality spirits.

It seems only right that after all the time and effort that goes into crafting a single malt, it should be never rushed. To us, fully savouring your whisky is more than how you drink it; it’s about the environment, the ambience and even the glass. In fact, it’s about the total experience, which is probably why we delight in enjoying a glass or two in the refined elegance and sophistication of the King Cole Bar at The St. Regis Bali Resort.

Building upon the famous Astor family legacy, this most distinguished bar is a place where ritual and tradition are venerated and maintained. From the evening sabrage to the curating of the finest whiskies and waters, the delivery of excellence is sublime.

Needless to say, in this atmosphere, the bartenders at the King Cole Bar take their drinks very seriously and EQUIL Natural and Sparkling Mineral Water is their water of choice when mixing drinks.

Many connoisseurs consider that adding just a drop of water to their single malt enhances the natural flavours and aroma and for this, EQUIL is a great choice as it is fully natural. Bottled at source, there are no added minerals or chemicals. It is this purity that makes EQUIL the ideal partner for premium drinks, both as a mixer and in cocktails.

The resurgence of the cocktail has not only seen an abundance of high quality spirits entering the market but a mountain of experimental creativity by bartenders. So if you choose to turn your whisky into a highball, EQUIL sparkling will make it a refreshing drink that goes down smooth and easy.

Whatever your choice, take some time to be part of tradition and savour your whisky the way you like it.