A Clear Favourite

A Clear Favourite

120 Days Corn Fed US Cap Black Angus Tomahawk

Strategically located in the ever-vibrant Senayan district, BAE by Socieaty offers a delightful to-share food menu and bewitching potations for its guests.

For drinks enthusiasts in Jakarta, there is no lack of choice of venues with the numerous new bars and watering holes in the city. From specialty rum bars, whisky and cigar lounges to niche sake establishments, an eclectic smattering of offerings caters to the pickiest of tastes. As one of the most popular bar-restaurants in the city, BAE by Socieaty sets itself apart through its unique and tantalising culinary creations, expansive wine menu and cool elegant décor.

BAE by Socieaty’s food menu is masterminded by Head Chef Robert Veenendaal, whose mural dominates one of the restaurant’s walls. Visitors can expect comfort food with bold flavours, which pair well with wine and cocktails. Chef Robert likes tweaking flavours and local ingredients to create new experiences for his guests to enjoy with close friends and family. The concept of BAE by Socieaty is communal dining, reflected by the sharing portions of the food offerings as well as the warm welcoming ambience.

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Likewise, AQUA Reflections mineral water believes that fine libations should be shared amongst loved ones. With the big and punchy flavours of BAE by Socieaty culinary offerings, AQUA Reflections mineral water serves as the perfect palate cleanser in between dishes. Of course, like all exquisite products, aesthetics is just as important as the taste itself. The newest iteration of AQUA Reflections mineral water is designed by the famous and innovative local designer Sebastian Gunawan in his second collaboration with AQUA. The new design features a full-length sleeve inspired by the beauty of nature’s offerings, like the pure and clean AQUA Reflections mineral water.

Frequent visitors to BAE by Socieaty will welcome the news that the bar-restaurant has introduced new menu items recently. One of the new menu items is the wagyu sate – skewered cubes of inside skirt Australian wagyu are marinated and grilled to perfection and served on a bed of tomato, onion, cucumber and chilli salsa. Another new addition is the Mcbae, a playful twist on the famous Big Mac and the chef’s obsession with the iconic burger. For big groups with prodigious eaters, we recommend the 1.5kg bone-in 120-day corn-fed US CAP Black Angus Tomahawk steak which is slow-cooked sous vide, seared over a grill before being sliced and served on a platter.

An icy cold glass of AQUA Reflections sparkling mineral water with a wedge of lime is a delightful accompaniment to the delicious spread of food offerings at BAE by Socieaty. With great company, tantalising food and exquisite AQUA Reflections mineral water, which is sourced sustainably from premium spring water, it is easy to see why BAE by Socieaty is one of the most popular bar-restaurants in the city.

BAE by Socieaty

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