Natural Reflections

Natural Reflections

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A dazzling and lovely new venue, Sixty Restaurant at Goodrich Suites charms visitors with a mix of perfectly executed classics in a charming, suave interior.

For those always on the lookout for new and exciting places, check out Sixty Restaurant at the newly minted Goodrich Suites Jakarta. Located on the third floor of the hotel, Sixty Restaurant is a classy and elegant venue serving up a varied menu of local and international favourites. The restaurant’s interior adopts regal tones of maroon, emerald and blacks with a tinge of brushed gold fixtures. All streaked marble tops, comfy plush chairs and tasteful ceiling fixtures, the upscale venue is perfect for a casual afternoon catch-up or a posh weekend date night.

Likewise, the fresh and contemporary look of the new AQUA Reflections mineral water bottle is a dazzling sight to behold. Masterfully dreamt up by famed Indonesian design maestro Sebastian Gunawan, the new bottle features a full sleeve with wonderfully intricate patterns inspired by the beauty of nature. The result is a lovely design masterpiece which dazzles in any venue one might think of, fun and fresh in the hottest new café as well as eye-catching in its understated elegance in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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The restaurant’s menu focuses on fuss-free classic comfort dishes that are a welcome change to overly complicated offerings. A minimalist menu of salad, entrées, light bites, pasta and steak is rounded off by a smattering of local and regional favourites. The focus on smaller menu offerings allows for the hotel to source quality ingredients from trusted artisan suppliers.

As is fitting, each bottle of AQUA Reflections mineral water comes from selected springs of the utmost discerning standards. AQUA’s dedication to the environment is shown in the care and maintenance of the natural state of the springs, making sure to leave as little carbon footprint as possible accompanied by strict environmental guidelines. The clear, clean taste of natural spring water in AQUA Reflections mineral water is nature’s own gift to mankind.

The restaurant’s oxtail soup comes highly recommended for guests looking for something to whet their appetite. A choice of boiled, fried or grilled oxtail is offered to guests; our advice is to go for the grilled version for maximum flavour. The oxtail soup comes with a delicious medley of vegetables, a side of green sambal and piping hot steamed rice. For mains, we like the tender rosini – a perfectly seared grade-7 wagyu steak, grilled corn, salad and roseate potato accompanied with a shallot red wine sauce.

With such an impressive repertoire of gourmet creations, it is only fitting that a dazzling pairing is recommended. The full flavours and flair of the dishes are best enjoyed with an AQUA Reflections sparkling water, whose clarity and pure taste serve to elevate and complement. Our favourite palate cleanser is a chilled glass of AQUA Reflections sparkling water with just a twist of lemon, or try the restaurant’s refreshing Tropic Thunder mocktail, a potent concoction of orange, lychee, lime and AQUA Reflections sparkling water.

Sixty Restaurant at Goodrich Suites

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