Adam Dundas-Taylor

Adam Dundas-Taylor


Q: How did you come to be the Owner & Manager at Barbacoa?

By having a vision, knowing what direction I wanted to go in and then actually pushing ahead with all the obstacles in my way to finally reach my goals.

Q: So what’s the toughest aspect of your job? And what is the most rewarding? 

The hours are the toughest thing, especially after a whole morning of mentally challenging issues, to then back it up in the evening to be on my best game. But the most rewarding aspect is having customers let you know how deeply they appreciate the experience that you have provided, and the staff’s reaction knowing that they have done their job well. Let’s face it, we all just want to be respected for the job that we do, so I think it’s important to show encouragement and give compliments where due.

Q: What’s the most ridiculous complaint you’ve ever received from a customer? 

Not a complaint as such, but we recently had a reviewer comment that the steak served on the hot lava rock with fries was amazing, and worthy of a 5 out of 5. Unfortunately, we don’t serve steak on hot lava rocks or sell fries…

Q: What is an under-appreciated aspect of Barbacoa that you think more guests should know about? 

I guess under-appreciated wouldn’t be the best word here, but maybe the little unknown fact about Barbacoa is that we designed, built and project managed this beautiful restaurant totally by ourselves using sustainable, local materials and produced a menu that is 90%+ gluten free.

Q: Be honest, how fast would things fall apart if you weren’t around? 

I don’t think things would fall apart, but I guess the most important factor about running the business is that the person who creates the concept has some continuous involvement to make sure that the concept stays true to its mission statement.

Q: Who is another member of your team that you think deserves more recognition? 

Our Food and Beverage Manager Jesse has done wonders for our team, and the service we are able to give our customers through her constant training and setting up our systems in our front of house department has been invaluable.

Q: Would you mind sharing your recommendation for another restaurant in Bali and what your favourite dish there is? 

Sometimes I love to jump on my bike and head to Bambuku at the beginning of Sunset Road, Seminyak, for some really affordable, contemporary local Indonesian food.

Q: It’s your day off. What’s on the itinerary?

Grabbing my family and closest friends and hitting one of the many world-class Bali beach clubs for lunch, some cocktails and a bit of swimming.


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