Fariz Mambu

Fariz Mambu


Q: How did you come to be the Restaurant Manager at Chez Gado Gado?

A: I moved to Bali from the USA in May of 2012, and believe it or not, through luck and some friends, I got this job three weeks later..

Q: So what’s the toughest aspect of your job? And what’s the most rewarding? 

A: Maintaining consistency is certainly the toughest. The small rewards usually come from guests’ praises, but best of all, it’s highly rewarding when proper training of the staff actually comes to fruition.

Q: What’s the most ridiculous complaint you’ve ever received from a customer? 

A: Unfortunately, having been in the business almost 25 years, nothing is ridiculous anymore! Saying that, last year during high season, a Spanish family requested to take a shower. When I informed them that we don’t actually have showers, they got annoyed and insisted they were here last year and there were showers; they went ahead to take showers in our restrooms anyway and managed to make a huge mess.

Q: What is an under-appreciated aspect of Chez Gado Gado that you think more guests should know about? 

A: I think, because we are known as a ‘fine-dining’ establishment, people assume we are expensive. In fact, we offer great specials that can be considered very good deals. For instance, you can get a three-course lunch set menu for IDR175k++; or a 4 course sunset menu complete with wine pairing for only IDR500k net.

Q: Be honest, how fast would things fall apart if you weren’t around? 

A: Fortunately, it wouldn’t. Everything that was implemented during my tenure here has been thought out based on logistics and proper staff training to give them confidence and pride in what they do best, so this foundation that has been laid out should be strong and flexible enough to continue and thrive further.

Q: Who is another member of your team that you think deserves more recognition? 

A: My Assistant Manager, Anom Putra. We have a similar work experience; we both worked in the restaurant industry in the US and started from the ground up. So we have similar understandings of restaurant logistics; what is realistic, or not, to apply here.

Q: Would you mind sharing your recommendation for another restaurant in Bali and what your favourite dish there is? 

A: That’s a tough one. Unfortunately, I don’t have a favourite restaurant in Bali…. yet. Being a chef for 10 years in the past has made me a discriminating eater.

Q: It’s your day off. What’s on the itinerary?

A: Spending the day with my lovely wife and our two dogs is always a great day off.


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