The first thing about AKASA that will take your breath away is its location and design. Part of the visually outstanding Jumeirah Bali, the restaurant is perched on the highest level of the resort’s hilly terrain. This location allows AKASA to boast a sprawling landscape of the surrounding Uluwatu hills, with views of the majestic Indian Ocean seen from an elevated point. Just like the resort, AKASA’s design draws inspiration from the golden age of Java, the Majapahit era. The indoor dining area especially is reminiscent of a stately banquet hall, where a royal Javanese family would entertain with amazing affairs and ceremonies. 

Of course, the excellence of AKASA does not stop at its spectacular looks. Led by Chef Joan Achour, the culinary team at AKASA crafts an Asian fusion menu that revolves around the rich tradition and flavours of Bali, while incorporating other Asian influences as well, including culinary elements from Thailand, Japan and Korea. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a sip of one of AKASA’s potent tipples. 

With a cocktail menu that is also inspired by the glorious yesteryears, the drink selection is simply hard to resist. Try The First King with papaya-infused blanco tequila, or The Palapa Oath with East Indies gin and timut pepper and get lost in a magnificent sunset hour in AKASA’s outdoor area. 

As the sun starts to set, plan your feast ahead and choose from the exquisitely elaborate menu. The flame-grilled tuna tartare with timut pepper, truffle and yuzu dressing, avocado cream and crispy quinoa is a delicious place to start. The Jimbaran prawn salad with smoked pomelo, meanwhile, embodies the refreshing vibrancy of tropical island life, served with smoked pomelo, papaya, red chilli, mint and tamarind. 

Blue River Giant Prawn

Heavily inspired by the bounty of the sea, Chef Joan uses fresh seafood to craft many of the dishes. The robata salmon tastes familiar and comforting with den miso yuzu and yuzu tuile. As for the main show, the blue river giant prawn with mango and passion fruit showcases the freshness and sweetness of the prawns, balanced by the tanginess of the fruit. For the sides, the crab rice is scrumptious, with Papua crabmeat, green shisho pesto, aji amarillo and egg. From the land, the 500g yakiniku caramelised lamb cutlet is tender and flavourful.

Exquisite Taste Volume 39


Jumeirah Bali

Pecatu Indah Resort

Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Pecatu

Bali 80361, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3612015000

E: jbafbreservations@jumeirah.com

W: akasarestaurant.com


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