Api Jiwa

Api Jiwa

Deep within the verdant jungle of Ubud, travellers can find the enigmatic sanctuary, Capella Ubud, Bali. Designed by legendary architect Bill Bensley, the tented camp is much coveted for its eclectic design, inspired by Bali’s early European settlers in the 1800s. Every corner of the resort is a sight to behold, with every detail well-thought out and sourced from all around the archipelago.

Making its way onto our list is the resort’s Api Jiwa, a curated dining destination that serves meticulously crafted dishes, an experience to remember and a personalised culinary journey, all in the enchantingly unrivalled setting and ambience. The restaurant is situated on one of the higher levels within the multi-tiered terrain of the tented camp, overlooking the steampunk-style main swimming pool and the sprawling forest. 

The focal point of the intimate restaurant is the open grill kitchen, surrounded by a dining counter that seats 10 persons. In addition, there are a few more private dining tables for two or four, however, we think that the front-row seats are the best. With a name that means fire of the soul in Indonesian, Api Jiwa brings the ingenuity of a barbecue menu enhanced with Asian flair and flavours. 

What makes Api Jiwa even more unique is its omakase concept, where the 10-course set menu changes frequently, based on the freshest ingredients available and the chef’s creativity. The show is led by Executive Chef Nicola Russo, a seasoned talent in the culinary world who has a series of five-star brands and Michelin stars under his belt. 

Egg Chawanmushi

The menu we experienced perfectly combined European techniques with Asian flavours. The evening kicked off with Japanese-influenced dishes, like a fresh oyster sourced from Lombok served with passion fruit; caramelised unagi topped with ikura; and Hokkaido scallop with wasabi and avocado purée topped with crispy nori. The chawanmushi is simply darling, served in an eggshell with smoked pork cheek and shiitake mushroom. 

The next dish showcases an Indonesian culinary delight, gulai kambing with cardamom broth and lamb satay in a pretty presentation. Favourite Indonesian dish, nasi goreng, also made an appearance on top of  the grilled river prawn, and as a substitute for the sunny-side up egg is the  cured egg yolk to give an umami punch. In between, there is more culinary magic to be witnessed and tasted, but words won’t do the journey any justice. You will just have to experience it yourself.

Exquisite Taste Volume 39

Api Jiwa

Capella Ubud, Bali

Jalan Raya Dalem, Keliki, Ubud

Bali 80561, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3612091888

E: info.ubud@capellahotels.com

W: capellahotels.com


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