Bandar Djakarta Ancol

Bandar Djakarta Ancol

Ikan Sukang Bakar Saus Jali

The Bandar Djakarta seafood chain’s philosophy is simple – great food at affordable prices means happy customers. A popular rustic indoor and al fresco restaurant, the first outlet opened at Ancol Dreamland in 2001 and proved so popular that additional outlets followed in Alam Sutera, Bekasi and Surabaya.

The menu is full of locally caught and imported seafood including fish, octopus, lobster, squid, prawns and shellfish. There’s also wide range of live options cooked to order and served up with toppings like Teluk Sauce, the signature Jali sauce and sambal matah.

An all-time favourite is the fresh squid served with either a savoury butter sauce, a spicy Singaporean sauce or deep-fried tempura style. Lobster is something of a speciality and the choice includes small to jumbo green bamboo lobster, Pakistani lobster and Canadian lobster served with BBQ and cheese sauce, spicy honey sauce or a fruity mayonnaise.

Signature Seafood:

Halibut sashimi, Crab with black pepper sauce, & Grilled squid with signature Jali sauce

Bandar Djakarta Ancol
Pintu Timur Ancol Dreamland
Jakarta 14430, Indonesia
T: (+62) 216456554

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