La Moda

La Moda

Balinese Barramundi

Occupying a central berth on the ground floor of Jakarta’s uber-luxurious shopping destination Plaza Indonesia, La Moda offers a modern restaurant concept featuring classic Western favourites as well as unique creations inspired by Indonesian specialties. The restaurant’s interior is tastefully understated, with generously spaced chic wooden furnitures, cheery green instalments and expanses of minimalistic ceramic floorings.

The restaurant features an impressive wood-fired oven in which pizzas are made to order, a wine rack with a curated selection of premium imported wines, a bar from which visitors can enjoy unique cocktails, as well as a delectable pastries and cakes at the coffee bar.

La Moda’s seafood offering features the best of local and international ingredients with classic crowd pleasers like tuna aglio olio as well as exquisite culinary creations such as risotto frutti di mare – a delectable dish of seafood risotto cooked in lobster bisque sauce, finished by tart tomatoes and creamy parmesan cheese. The Balinese barramundi comes highly recommended – an inspired dish cooked to perfection served with tantalising traditional Balinese sambal matah, with sides of spinach and fluffy white rice. A special signature dish that diners should book ahead to try is the asinan salmon salad. The classic Indonesian fruit salad dressed with spicy vinegar sauce is accompanied by smoked salmon, which is made in-house.

Signature Seafood:

Asinan salmon salad, Snapper nantua & Balinese baramundi

La Moda
Plaza Indonesia
Jalan M.H. Thamrin
Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
T: +622129924217