BLANCO par Mandif

BLANCO par Mandif

Ketjap marinated lamb chop

BLANCO par Mandif is famed for successfully bringing Indonesian cuisine to a whole refined level unlike any other restaurant has ever done before. The brilliant brainchild of highly respected and talented Indonesian Chef Mandif Warokka, BLANCO par Mandif emphasises the importance of nurturing nature and culture by using the freshest ingredients and paying homage to traditional Indonesian recipes with creative twists.

Snugly nestled in the well-known Blanco Museum in Ubud, the little restaurant is big on sophistication and intimacy. With limited seating, privacy is paramount here – all are blessed with mesmerising views of Ubud’s lush greenery. The menu at BLANCO par Mandif comprises seven- and nine-course set dinners – with optional beverage packages available, comprising creative and kicking cocktails. The inventive culinary team at the restaurant draws inspiration from indigenous Indonesian dishes, applies state-of-the-art techniques and comes up with fine culinary creations with unrivalled finesse.

Take the asinan Jakarta, for example. This real street food staple is a favourite for its refreshing zest and the spicy hint. The restaurant has given a new look and texture to the dish, but it tastes as delicious as the real thing. Other highlights include the famous cakalang hand-pulled noodles, the lamb rack with bumbu kecap and the grilled octopus with brenebon-inspired emulsion.

In addition to the inspired cuisine, the welcome at BLANCO also plays an important role in making your experience one to remember. Upon sitting at your table, the staff will perform a hand-washing ritual – inspired by an age-old Indonesian tradition. The welcome cocktail isn’t merely delivered to your table, the bartender actually brings the bar and concocts the tipple at your table. Same thing with the dessert, prepared and elaborated at the comfort of your table.


  • The super fine ambience
  • Unique twists on Indonesian recipes
  • Potent cocktails

BLANCO par Mandif
Jalan Raya Tjampuhan
Museum Blanco Complex
Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia
T: +623614792284

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