Bogor Cafe

Bogor Cafe

Sop Buntut

At Hotel Borobudur Jakarta

Hotel Borobudur Jakarta has 44 years of history behind it and a firm commitment to upholding the nation’s heritage. Situated in the centre of the city, in close proximity to the state palace and many of the government ministries, the hotel frequently plays host to elite government and business events designed to showcase the wonders of Indonesia, especially its cuisine, to visiting diplomats and businesspeople. The hotel takes this responsibility very seriously.

One of the most renowned dishes in the city is Hotel Borobudur Jakarta’s sop buntut, Indonesian-style oxtail soup, served at Bogor Cafe. The long-held recipe makes home-style oxtail soup as perfect as it can be, maintaining true authenticity while ensuring the ingredients are of the highest quality, which includes importing oxtail. Available in the traditional style, it is now also served in four popular variants, regular, fried, grilled and super spicy penyet. Other popular authentic, traditional dishes include the excellent Borobudur fried rice served with satay, grilled prawn, fried chicken and a fried egg on top, nasi rames with spicy beef rendang, egg balado, lamb satay, chicken opor and condiments, as well as the sweet es campur – mixed fruit and jelly that is as good as can be found anywhere. For traditional home-style cooking like grandma would have cooked, made with love and high-quality ingredients, it’s no wonder that Bogor Cafe is recognised throughout the country and regularly tempts foreign dignitaries.


  • Popular authentic traditional dishes
  • Food events showcasing Indonesian street food
  • Regular themed buffets featuring regional specialities

Bogor Cafe
Hotel Borobudur Jakarta
Jalan Lapangan Banteng Selatan No. 1
Jakarta 10710, Indonesia
T: +62213805555


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