The Cave By Chef Ryan Clift At The edge Bali

The Cave By Chef Ryan Clift At The edge Bali

Relatively new in Bali’s dining scene, The cave by Chef Ryan Clift has already created a positive buzz. In addition to world-renowned Chef Ryan Clift – known for Tippling Club in Singapore – being the mastermind behind the menu, the unique setting of an actual subterranean cave is also credited for the rave reviews. 

Located at the opulent holiday accommodation The edge, the restaurant is hidden inside a natural cave found within the resort, with genuine stalactites and stalagmites that have been preserved to create an unrivalled ambience for the restaurant. The cave by Chef Ryan Clift is helmed by Head Chef Tay Chan Yong, Ryan’s own trusted protégé. 

Lobster Ravioli

Serving Ryan’s signature modern gastronomy in a multi-course set menu, the menu is changed every three months to stay relevant and keep diners on their toes. With a kitchen right by the 20-seat dining area, diners can be sure to enjoy meticulously crafted dishes they won’t find anywhere else. 

Completing the experience is the three-dimensional immersive projector show projected onto the textured cave walls, creating a magnificent spectacle for guests in between courses. The surreal setting really creates an experience of a lifetime; add to that the distinctive delicacies, creative cocktails and the fine wines, you’ll be remembering this culinary journey for a long time.  


  • Lobster ravioli
  • Foie gras apple
  • Dry-aged Peking duck

The cave by Chef Ryan Clift 

at The edge Bali