Chāo Cháo Jakarta

Chāo Cháo Jakarta

Assorted Dim Sum

Located in the heart of Jakarta’s business district, Chāo Cháo is a stylish Chinese eatery that serves world-class flavours. Situated on the top floor of Alila SCBD Jakarta, Chāo Cháo offers guests a comfortable contemporary Asian lounge surrounded by the city’s skyscrapers. 

Embodying the city’s high-flying nightlife and the splendour of a fine establishment, Chāo Cháo offers the city an essential culinary and entertainment experience.

At the helm of Chāo Cháo’s cuisine is Chef Chong Chee Wah, bringing a wealth of knowledge with 20 years’ of experience as a head chef, having worked in Singapore, India, China, Australia and currently expanding the gustatory boundaries of Jakarta’s food scene. 

Abiding by traditional cooking techniques, Chef Chong uses the finest ingredients and adds contemporary flair. Signature dishes from Chāo Cháo 8 Treasures dim sum that literally bursts out of the plate with vivid colours, the delightful Golden Chicken served with morel, enoki and king mushroom, to the seductive flavours of the Peking duck with Siberian caviar and the spice sensation Kǒu Shuǐ Jī, combine to deliver an explorative menu that will introduce you to star dishes from various regions of China, all executed with a hint of Chef Chong essence. 

Beyond dining, Chāo Cháo is also home to the 26th floor Rooftop Lounge, where bespoke mixology blends with bottle service and a crafted music program all delivered to a background of panoramic city views from its setting within the bustling high-rises of the SCBD, creating a truly unique urban lifestyle atmosphere. 


  • Chāo Cháo 8 Treasures Dim Sum
  • Golden Chicken
  • Rooftop Lounge



Jalan Jenderal Sudirman

Jakarta 12910, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8119628001