Chef Josh Niland Takes the Culinary Spotlight at The Singapore Edition

Chef Josh Niland Takes the Culinary Spotlight at The Singapore Edition

Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene is set to receive a dash of Australian flair as Chef Josh Niland, renowned for his innovative approach to seafood, takes the helm of the signature restaurant at The Singapore EDITION. With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional seafood preparation, Chef Niland’s arrival promises an exciting gastronomic journey for both locals and visitors alike.

Josh Niland

Niland, who gained international recognition through his Sydney-based restaurant Saint Peter and the seafood-focused The Fish Butchery, is celebrated for his commitment to sustainability and his nose-to-tail approach to fish. His culinary philosophy revolves around using every part of the fish, from the succulent fillets to the often overlooked offal, to ensure minimal waste and maximum flavour.

At The Singapore EDITION, guests can expect a menu that showcases Niland’s creativity and respect for ingredients. His dishes often feature ethically sourced seafood, prepared with precision and served in unexpected and delightful ways.

Line Caught Bass Groper Chop, Parsnip,Wild Garlic And Black Pearl Mushrooms

Known for its elegant design and luxurious ambience, The Singapore EDITION is the perfect backdrop for Chef Niland’s culinary artistry. Prepare your taste buds for a journey through the depths of the ocean and a culinary adventure like no other as he brings his seafood mastery to the Lion City. 

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