Coffee: Elevated

Coffee: Elevated

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A relatively new player within the third-wave coffee shops in Jakarta, The Coffee Academïcs arrival is noteworthy, raising Indonesia’s coffee scene.

Founded over a decade ago in Hong Kong by Jennifer W.F. Liu in the heart of the port city’s retail mecca, Causeway Bay, The Coffee Academïcs reflects Jennifer’s deep love for coffee. The idea was simple: heralding world-class specialty coffee through exceptional brews, while curating a one-of-a-kind coffee house experience. The Coffee Academïcs’ basic principle is sourcing best quality beans from all over the world, roasting locally, while also remaining dedicated to education, training and innovation.

Fast forward a few years and The Coffee Academïcs has around 20 outlets in Hong Kong and another 19 spread all over Southeast Asia – including three in Indonesia. In 2021, The Coffee Academïcs’ first flagship store in Jakarta opened in Ashta District 8. Covering 330sqm of the building’s Senopati lobby, it has a prominent pastry section, comfortable seating and a staggering 183sqm of outdoor space. Retail concept idea by Blveprint Destinations by Veri Setiady, the flagship store combines eye-pleasing tones of black, gold, and grey, while playing with geometric shapes and the textures of different materials, such as metal, wood, and marble.

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The flagship store has all the best The Coffee Academïcs offerings, including its renowned signature lattes, such as Manuka (using Manuka honey from New Zealand), the Okinawa (brown sugar, Japanese style), and Jawa (local palm sugar and a hint of pandan). And while the obvious main appeal is the coffee, The Coffee Academïcs flagship presents its coffee-making at the next level. Emphasising the brand’s educational side, it provides the Flight Experience, a one-on-one coffee brewing session led by a well-trained barista who serves guests the perfect cup of coffee, prepared and brewed before their eyes. That’s not all, the barista also explains and shares their knowledge of the whole process, including why they use a preferred method or a particular blend. Getting a great cup of coffee may be a little complicated, but the overall experience is certainly eye-opening and worthwhile.  

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