Yudo Pranoto Enmaru Japanese Restaurant

Yudo Pranoto Enmaru Japanese Restaurant

One of the popular dining destinations nestled on the 46th level of The Plaza office building in Jakarta, Enmaru Japanese Restaurant is known for its authenticity and quality. The restaurant prides itself in its much-loved traditional Japanese dishes, as well as its modern take on classic recipes from the country.

At Enmaru, the enticing factor lies not only in the divine flavours but also in the ambience. Entering the restaurant, guests are welcomed by an elevated version of a rustic izakaya, with elements like wood and copper making elegant patterns and shapes inspired by the Japanese culture. 

The menu carries all-time Japanese culinary favourites, enhanced to a refined level. Classic comfort food like the ebi tempura, wagyu and potato croquette, as well as unagi hitokuchi yaki onigiri are available to whet your appetite. Delve further into the menu and discover the exquisite dishes Enmaru has to offer, such as the foie gras cawan mushi, flaming steak and more dishes using high-quality premium ingredients. 

A variety of omakase menus are on offer for diners who are up for some culinary adventures. Complete the experience by opting for a bottle or two from Enmaru’s extensive sake collection. 

At the helm is seasoned Executive Chef Takashi Tomie, who has led and nurtured his team to further hone their skills. One of the outstanding talents from Enmaru’s culinary team is Sous Chef Yudo Pranoto. As an Indonesian who has developed the penchant and passion for Japanese flavours and the delicate art of Japanese cuisine, Yudo takes pride in his role in further developing the restaurant. 

E: How did you start working in the restaurant industry?

A: I started working in this industry more than a decade ago, I slowly worked my way up from being a cook helper to chef de partie and am now a sous chef at Enmaru. 

E: In your own words, please define Enmaru Japanese Restaurant and its best features.

A: Located on the 46th floor of The Plaza building, with its classic, elegant Japanese atmosphere Enmaru invites guests to enjoy classical Japanese cuisine and a modern take on some of the classical dishes. 

E: What is your best memory of working in Enmaru so far?

A: My best memory is that when my executive chef promoted me to my current position as a sous chef. I remember that I was ecstatic but at the same time, I thought I was in a dream. 

E: What do you think is your best expertise in the kitchen?

A: I would say that I am a jack of all trades, I like to learn any skill that is necessary to have in the kitchen. But if I have to choose one, I would say that I excel in the Japanese cutting technique. 

E: What do you think is the most important thing that a chef needs to have?

A: Consistency and attention to detail. 

E: Being Indonesian, tell us your favourite Japanese food and your favourite Indonesian food.

A: I can never get bored of the flavour and texture that you get from a Japanese wagyu. And being Indonesian, I have to say that eating bebek Madura is next on my favourites list.  

Enmaru Japanese Restaurant