Communal Dining Bali Style

Communal Dining Bali Style


Authentic Indonesian food and family-style dining at Kunyit Restaurant with an elegant, contemporary Balinese twist.

Kunyit Restaurant specialises in quality, authentic Indonesian food. There’s a strong focus on Balinese home cooking and the décor hints at the ancient Bali Aga style but with a contemporary Balinese ambience.

The restaurant is large and airy, with off-white stone walls, dark stone floors and dark wood furniture. The walls are dotted with reliefs resembling the copper batik stamps used to print cloth, while the light shades and wall decorations are a subtle reminder of the Bali of old. Outside, trees are scattered around the outdoor terrace, making it an ideal place for an evening meal with friends and family.

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Dining at Kunyit Restaurant offers guests the full traditional experience – the welcome drink is a bright green herbal drink called Loloh Cemcem that is believed to nurture physical health, the menu is on folding wooden blocks that resemble the ancient palm-leaf lontar manuscripts and all the food is Indonesian.

The ubiquitous favourites of satay, noodles, fried rice, grilled fish, grilled river prawns and seafood platter are naturally available, but why not be a little more adventurous and pick something less common, like home-style Balinese food. The easiest way to explore some of Bali’s rich culinary variety is to pick one of the two multi-dish Megibung choices. Megibung is a traditional Balinese meal, where an array of dishes is served to the table and everyone just helps themselves.

As most Indonesians eat with their hands rather than utensils, Kunyit Restaurant adds to the ambience with traditional hand washing at your table. Your waiter will place a ceramic dish in front of you and pour lemongrass-infused water over your hands from a ceramic jug so you can rinse them before eating.

Loloh Cemcem

The Balinese chef, Ketut, ensures that the food served is authentic in every way and uses the special mix of spices called basa genep to imbue the Balinese food with its own unique flavour. The sambal – chilli condiments – are served on the side, and you can ask for them to be as spicy as you like.

The Megibung is served on the offering stand at the centre of the table with choices of red and white rice alongside a delightful urutan – Balinese sausage – super tasty pork and chicken satay, a crispy pork belly that is sure to have you asking for an extra portion, king prawns, vegetables and a clear turmeric chicken broth, among others.

Dessert is tropical fruit, colourful sweets, black rice pudding and deep fried bananas – all choices you can find in a Balinese home.

With the rich selection of deliciously authentic food on offer at Kunyit Restaurant, there is something for everyone. Be sure to call in and discover the tastes of Indonesia!

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