COMO Group Presents Torno Subito in Singapore

COMO Group Presents Torno Subito in Singapore

The vibrant megacity saw an international diner, influence by world-class Italian talent, begin to serve guests well this week.

The debut of Asia’s first Torno Subito in Singapore’s COMO Dempsey on 20 February 2024 marked the embodiment of classic Italian gastronomy, inspired by renowned chef Massimo Bottura, recognised for the three-Michelin-starred Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. Christina Ong, COMO Group’s founder, commends Bottura’s talent, creativity and genuine Italian essence reflected in Torno Subito’s atmosphere, complimented by Singapore’s dynamic culinary scene and his sentimental attachment to the city.

Crafted by Paola Navone, the restaurant radiates a lively Dolce Vita atmosphere, featuring a beach bar and distinctive décor elements, reminiscent of seaside vacations. Torno Subito evokes the ambience of 1960s Italian cinema and the summers along the Adriatic Riviera, honouring the contributions of the Emilia-Romagna region.

Bottone Alla Milanese

Torno Subito invites guests to savour the six-course set menu, ‘CIAO Singapore!,’ and immerse themselves in imaginative Italian cuisine within its nostalgic environment, promising an unforgettable journey through Italian flavours and customs.

Executive Chef Alessio Pirozzi has made the trip from Dubai’s Torno Subito to lead the venue’s culinary team, infusing inventive dishes with classic Italian flavours. Noteworthy dishes include the ‘It’s Not Pasta,’ a chilled Tagliatelle rendition, the ‘I Love Pizza,’ a traditional Margherita with a PETRA crust, and the ‘Tiramisubito’ with espresso-infused chocolate. The beverage selection showcases Italian aperitivo classics and Lambrusco, a sparkling wine originating from Modena.

Torno Subito

Dempsey Road

Singapore 249686

T: (+65) 18003046688



IG: @tornosubitosg