Disciples Escoffier Epicurean Dinner at Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali

Disciples Escoffier Epicurean Dinner at Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic Bali

Indonesia’s gastronomic scene is set to ignite with an unparalleled culinary spectacle as Mozaic prepares to host the highly anticipated Diner d’Epicure.

The prestigious event, held on 7 March 2024 and organised by the Disciples Escoffier association of Indonesia, promises an evening of culinary indulgence curated by three esteemed chefs: Thierry Drapeau, Syrco Bakker and Mozaic’s very own Blake Thornley.

Blake Thornley

Kicking off at 6.30pm with a pre-dinner cocktail party, guests will be treated to an immersive culinary experience like no other. The highlight of the evening is the epicurean seven-course tasting menu, a collaboration showcasing the culinary prowess of each chef. For those seeking an elevated experience, optional wine pairings from premium international selections will be available to complement the exquisite flavours of the dishes.

Thierry Drapeau, a luminary in the world of French cuisine, brings his visionary approach to the table. With his Michelin-starred restaurant nestled in the picturesque Loire Valley, Drapeau’s culinary creations reflect a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Each dish embodies the essence of French gastronomy while incorporating contemporary twists that showcase his profound respect for seasonal ingredients and local culinary heritage.

Thierry Drapeau.

Joining Drapeau is Syrco Bakker, a Dutch culinary virtuoso renowned for his inventive approach to cooking. As the mastermind behind Pure C in Cadzand, Bakker’s dishes are a celebration of nature’s bounty and his global culinary influences. His culinary symphonies, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, promise to take diners on a sensory journey like no other, redefining the boundaries of modern gastronomy.

Completing this triumvirate of culinary excellence is Blake Thornley, the avant-garde chef/co-owner of Mozaic. With roots in the vibrant culinary landscape of New York City, Thornley brings a bold and creative flair to the table. His innovative approach to cooking, combined with an unwavering commitment to excellence, ensures that each dish is a masterpiece of flavour, texture and presentation.

Syrco Bakker

Together, these three culinary maestros have curated a menu that promises to tantalise the taste buds and awaken the senses. From delicate appetisers to sumptuous main courses and decadent desserts, each dish is a testament to their collective passion for gastronomy and dedication to delivering unforgettable dining experiences.

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