Conventions Redefined

Conventions Redefined

A continuation of the dynamic duo’s numerical theme and with a nod to Singapore’s international dial code, Table65 is acclaimed Dutch chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot’s first venture outside of Holland.

Ravioli of Belon oyster with briny veal shank & shellfish velouté, hazelnut and BBQ salted lemon

Situated within Resorts World Sentosa on level 1 of Hotel Michael, at Table65 chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot are redefining their fine-dining experience by adding a high degree of casual interaction, visual stimulus and laidback charm to their innovative and beautifully presented modern European cuisine.

With a reputation for excellence, Richard and Thomas established their credentials working at Bord’Eau Restaurant Gastronomique in Amsterdam where they were awarded two Michelin stars. In 2017, on the 10-year anniversary of coming together at Bord’Eau, they announced the opening of their own establishment, Restaurant 212 – an impressive no-table venue, where they took European fine dining in a new direction with a style and philosophy that they have exported to Singapore at Table65.

Veal Tartare ‘os a moelle’ with Beluga Caviar

Table65 features three distinctive areas, the bar, the main dining space and a private room. The bar is relaxed and resident mixologist Lilliyin Enderle serves up a good selection of aperitifs, wines and spirits, along with a selection of spiffing classic and innovative cocktails – The Breach and Transcendence are highly recommended.

Meanwhile, in the dining area, gone are the formal arrangements usually associated with fine dining, instead there are work surface-level bars or chef’s tables set around the kitchen that enable full interaction as the team prepare, plate and present exceptional cuisine.

Once ushered into their seats, diners have a choice of ordering à la carte or taking one of the impressive multi-course set menus. With social media in mind, the experience also features dramatic visual projections on selected courses, a nice touch even for serious gastronomes.

The set menus are a good way to explore what Richard and Thomas are all about, and start with dishes like the delicious cold smoked horsemackerel and passion fruit ceviche with coconut and combava and dill and calamansi emulsion. A very popular dish is the totally photogenic Ravioli of Imperial Dutch Oyster with Briny Veal Shank and Shellfish Veloute, Hazelnut and BBQ Salted Lemon.

Another clear favourite is ‘Os a Moelle’ Smoked Herring Bone, Veal Tartare with Bone Marrow, Cockles and Beluga Caviar. Easy on the eye, ‘Os a Moelle’ is van Oostenbrugge’s bold take on the classic bone marrow. Just slice into the caviar-topped jellied fish and discover a tantalising mix of diced veal tartare and cockles hidden inside.

There’s an excellent dessert menu, including the wonderfully dreamy chocolate balloon. But for most first-time Table65 diners the order will likely be van Oostenbrugge’s supremely delicate and delicious signature Apple. A creative and refreshing sour green apple sorbet that sits within a transparent sugar glass dome, a dessert as scrumptious as it is beautiful.

Open for dinner, booking is essential.

Hotel Michael
Resorts World Sentosa
26 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098138
T: (+65) 65777939

Exquisite Taste June – August 2019

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