Culinary Excellence Unveiled: Inside Disciples Escoffier’s Gala Dinner in Bali

Culinary Excellence Unveiled: Inside Disciples Escoffier’s Gala Dinner in Bali

Explore the exquisite world of culinary mastery as Disciples Escoffier International’s Indonesia Chapter hosts a gala dinner, showcasing the talents of renowned chefs and the association’s commitment to culinary heritage and charitable causes.

Disciples Escoffier International is a prestigious non-profit association, steeped in culinary heritage and boasting a membership of over 30,000 individuals, primarily composed of chefs, across more than 30 countries. Established in 1954 with the noble purpose of upholding the values and legacy of the esteemed Auguste Escoffier, the association is headquartered in Villeneuve-Loubet, France, near Nice, the birthplace of the culinary legend himself.

Named in honour of Auguste Escoffier, renowned as the “King of the Chefs, Chef of the Kings,” the association pays homage to his remarkable contributions to the culinary world as a chef, culinary writer, and trailblazer in fine dining.

In recent years, Disciples Escoffier International has seen significant growth in Asia, with more than 13 Delegations established across the Asia Pacific region. Indonesia is a prominent hub, with its headquarters located in Jakarta and Bali serving as its inaugural Chapter.

Exquisite Media recently had the privilege of attending a gala dinner hosted by Disciples Escoffier Indonesia Chapter at The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, Bali on 7 June 2024. The event showcased a meticulously curated four-course degustation menu, each dish masterfully crafted by distinguished Disciples Escoffier members.

The evening commenced with a tantalising beef tartare adorned with frozen cucumber, tarragon, elderflower and caviar, skilfully prepared by Chef Kim Jonsson from Annata Hotels & Resorts. Chef Long Cuong from Esta Saigon in Vietnam delighted guests with a sumptuous Karangasem lobster in lobster emulsion, smoked almond and laksa leaf. The main course featured beef striploin infused with an Indonesian flair of Maranggi sauce and peanut sauce, expertly created by The Apurva Kempinski Bali’s Executive Chef Jean-Baptiste Natali. The dessert, a visual and gustatory delight, showcased yuzu banana chocolate served with lemongrass gelato, mango passion coulis and honey tuille, a creation by Chef Pang Yoon Hwa from Padma Resort Legian, who earned a prestigious Michelin star during his tenure at Marina Bay Sands.

Before the culinary journey commenced, attendees had the privilege of witnessing the induction of six new members, adding to the association’s diverse and accomplished roster. The gala dinner not only celebrated culinary excellence but also dispelled misconceptions about the association being exclusively for chefs. Disciples Escoffier warmly welcomes individuals from various culinary disciplines, including catering and service professionals, producers, farmers, winemakers, and those who embody Escoffier’s spirit. So, food lovers or gastronomes are welcomed to join Escoffier and take part in sharing the values of the association.

The Indonesia Chapter’s active engagement extends beyond culinary showcases to charitable endeavours, hosting events in Bali and Jakarta that contribute to community welfare and support for those in need. This commitment to culinary excellence and social responsibility underscores the essence of Disciples Escoffier International and its enduring impact on the culinary world.

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