Chocolate Bliss at The Langham, Jakarta

Chocolate Bliss at The Langham, Jakarta

Indulge in a delightful afternoon tea infused with the finest, velvety chocolate.

Who can say no to the tempting sweets of afternoon tea? Imagine those same irresistible treats but made even more delightful with the richness of high-quality chocolate. For anyone with a knack for sweet desserts, ALICE at The Langham, Jakarta just launched an exciting collaboration with Valrhona, the esteemed France-based chocolate brand. This collaboration allows diners to savour luxurious and exquisite chocolate flavours during their afternoon tea experience.

For a limited time only, from June to August, diners can delight in an array of sweet and savoury offerings, including the foie gras cone, Paris burger and forest. These present a unique combination of savoury umami flavour and the delightful aroma of chocolate oil extract merging in perfect harmony.

Every serving was meant to delight the palate of sweet lovers. Try the orange choux with Caraibe dark chocolate ganache for a luxurious and smooth flavour. The Raspberry Inspiration with pain de gene and Opalys mix offers a mouthwatering fruit combination, and the Itakuja 55 percent Sable provides a refreshing hint of acidity from the mandarin passion fruit compote.

ALICE also introduced an exclusive offering to delight croissant enthusiasts alongside its limited afternoon tea programme. Diners are presented with a selection of five chocolate sauces, including Opalys Coconut White Chocolate, Caramel Passion Fruit Milk Chocolate, Irish Coffee Chocolate, Alice Signature Raspberry Chocolate, and Dulcey Kalamansi, served at the side table. The dish can be enhanced with various toppings, such as nuts, fruits, chocolate or marshmallows, allowing guests to create a personalised and indulgent experience.

Consider indulging in The Langham, Jakarta’s Hot Chocolate, crafted with 70 percent Valrhona Guanaja if guests need a warm beverage. This rich blend promises to provide both physical comfort and emotional satisfaction, with the addition of marshmallows slowly melting within. Guests are also offered a selection of three delectable chocolate mocktails to complement this sensory experience.


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