A Culinary Virtuoso in Uluwatu

A Culinary Virtuoso in Uluwatu

Alessio Nallino

Hailing from Italy, Alessio Nallino has been appointed as the new executive chef at Jumeirah Bali.

The stunning Jumeirah Bali is welcoming a new addition to its culinary team, with Alessio Nallino as executive chef. With more than two decades of experience in the culinary arts gained in some of the most prestigious kitchens worldwide, Chef Alessio is ready to transform the resort’s dining offerings with his distinct fusion of Asian and Mediterranean flavours.

Chef Alessio’s journey through the culinary world reads like a gastronomic odyssey, beginning in his native Italy before moving to Switzerland, Australia, Vietnam and Macau. It was in the Swiss Alps where he honed his skills, crafting culinary delights amidst the breathtaking scenery. His time in Melbourne saw him serve as a sous chef at The Grand Hotel, immersing himself in the dynamic food culture of Australia.

However, it was Chef Alessio’s venture into Asia that truly expanded his culinary horizons. His tenure as sous chef at Galaxy Macau, including a stint at a Michelin-starred restaurant, showcased his ability to marry traditional techniques with innovative flavours, earning accolades from gastronomes worldwide.

Now, at Jumeirah Bali, Chef Alessio brings his wealth of experience to the forefront, overseeing the resort’s culinary vision with finesse and creativity. As executive chef, Chef Alessio will spearhead the resort’s culinary outlets, including the acclaimed Akasa Restaurant & Bar, the enchanting Segaran Dining Terrace, the chic Maja Sunset Lounge and the meticulously curated banqueting operations. With his keen eye for detail and dedication to culinary excellence, guests can expect nothing short of culinary masterpieces at every turn.

Chef Alessio’s culinary philosophy is based on a profound respect for high-quality ingredients, inventive cooking methods, and the complex flavour profiles that characterise Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. His creations are a living example of his love for using food to tell stories; each plate tells a thoughtfully constructed tale that highlights the rich diversity of Bali’s culinary scene.

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