Unveiling Culinary Wonders

Unveiling Culinary Wonders

The cave by Chef Ryan Clift introduces an exquisite new menu.

A unique culinary haven is hidden deep within a natural cave, where stalactites hang like chandeliers and the atmosphere is charged with eerie, ancient energy. The cave by Chef Ryan Clift, renowned for its distinctive subterranean dining experience, is a delightful example of the marriage of nature’s grandeur and human creativity. Since its discovery during the construction of a new villa in 2013, The cave has evolved into a haven for gastronomes seeking an unparalleled journey through taste and texture.

With the changing of the seasons, Chef Ryan Clift is excited to present his most recent creation, a painstakingly designed seven-course menu that will tantalise the senses and take dining to new heights. From delicate appetisers to indulgent desserts, each dish has been crafted with precision and passion, reflecting Chef Clift’s innovative approach to modern gastronomy.

The new menu embodies the spirit of seasonal freshness and inventiveness, drawing inspiration from the blossoming of springtime. For instance, the pea and mint dish is a delightful tribute to spring’s bounty. It is made with a soft-boiled quail egg and a harmonious combination of fresh peas and mint. The foie gras miele feuille, which showcases Chef Clift’s love of innovation, consists of a rich foie gras with kumquat, black pepper, and star anise, all encased in a decadent blood orange cream. Get ready to be amazed by the Flexi Chocolate at the grand finale. This dessert is a work of art, with layers of rich chocolate that are perfectly balanced by the seasonal freshness of strawberries.

This meticulously curated menu is more than just a collection of dishes; it is a reflection of Chef Ryan Clift’s culinary philosophy and commitment to delivering an extraordinary dining experience. Each course has been thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of wonder and delight, inviting guests on a journey of discovery through flavour, texture and presentation.

The cave by Chef Ryan Clift

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