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From refreshing salsas to enchiladas, and authentic guacamole to carnitas, the wide array of Mexican dishes available at El Mero Mero shows you that there are way more to Mexican dishes than just burritos and tacos. Serving up a vibrant selection of flavours from just about every region in Mexico, El Mero Mero aims to excite and delight diners with the very best in modern Mexican cuisine.

The open kitchen setup of El Mero Mero invites you to get an up close feel of the sights and sounds of Mexican cooking at its best. Decorated with wall-to-wall shelves of brightly coloured picked chillies and other authentic Mexican produce, the atmosphere of El Mero Mero is homely welcoming. The restaurant, however, does not fall short on sophistication thanks to its neutrally chic décor. Facing the picturesque gothic chapel at Chijmes is El Mero Mero’s large al fresco bar and seating area for a more relaxed dining experience in a more intimate ambience.

El Mero Mero offers a huge range of bar bites for that in-between-meal snack times Mexicans are so fond of, including the delightful Donas de Huitlacoche, which is savoury smoked corn and mushroom donuts served with cotija-chili mayo, and generous helpings of crab meat, avocado and pico de gallo served in savoury corn taco cornets topped with a Serrano meringue in a delightful dish called Dobladita de Jaiba. Every great Mexican restaurant comes with a great salsa and guac, and El Mero Mero take full advantage of this by serving freshly made in-house Guacamole and Salsa Sampler, which include a range of flavours and heat levels, alongside charcoal-grilled, crunchy tortillas.

Moving on to appetizers, some of our highly recommended selections include the Aguachile de Callo de Hacha—beautifully plum scallops served with dragon fruit and cucumber, and drizzled in Serrano-lime sauce, and the Ceviche de Navajas—a super fresh ceviche of razor clams spiced up with Serrano chilli, lime and pickled onions, and topped with almond flakes to give the clams a touch of crunchiness.

The main courses at El Mero Mero consist of a plethora of meat, seafood and traditional favourites such as Carnitas, Flautas and Enchiladas Suizas. The Carnitas are corn tortillas filled with succulent, slow-cooked pork, drizzled in pico de gallo and sprinkled with radishes. The Flautas serve tender pieces of chicken, also served in corn tortillas, complemented with avocado cream and tomatillo, while the Enchiladas Suizas is a dish of corn tortillas stuffed with plum prawns complemented with a delicate tomatillo-serrano salsa, cream and cheese. 

Our recommendation for the main course is the richly delicious delicacy called Barbacoa De Lengua—slow-cooked veal tongue and oxtail, served with grilled onions and salsa Tlaquepaque in tacos. For diners who possess that extra culinary boldness, or those simply looking for a new experience, ordering the Barbacoa De Lengua would be truly satisfying. El Mero Mero sources all its meat from Ocean Beef in New Zealand, acknowledged worldwide as one of the best premium beef suppliers around.

For dessert, try the guilt-instilling Chocolate Ahumado, a ganache made from Mexican chocolate, which has an extremely rich, smoky flavour, served with creamy passion fruit milk and crispy churros, adding to it a chewy texture.


At the bar, El Mero Mero’s specially trained professional mixologists are ready to quench your thirst with a selection of Mexican cerveza (beers) and cocktails, as well as an extensive wine list featuring fine wines from the likes of award-winning Mexican Wineries, La Cetto and Monte Xanic, Chile, Spain and Argentina.


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