Exercise Exquisitely

Exercise Exquisitely

Forget a ratty yoga mat and a stationary bike that ruin your beautiful living room. We have curated sports gear from four exclusive brands that will elevate your workout, and, more importantly, look super gorgeous.


Courtesy of the world-famed house of Giorgio Armani, this set of sports equipment deserves a league of its own, with premium leather accent and metal accessories. Check out the USD23,000 yoga mat, or the sleek set of two 1kg dumbbells, and the luxury jump rope. The collection also carries an opulent thermal bottle for you to hydrate.


TECKELL BIKE by Ciclotte

Leave it to the Italians to make things pretty, even indoor cycling. Italian company Ciclotte takes the stationary bike to a state-of-the-art level with its Teckell Bike. The signature design showcases a large core circle made from transparent strengthened crystal, and uber-sleek details on the twin carbon handlebar.


SET B by Kenkō

Sporting equipment that matches your elegant wood-themed interior? Say no more. Kenkō’s Set B is designed with high-quality certified wood that blends well in any environment. The set comprises a pair of 1kg dumbbells, a single expander, a double expander, a big expander, a set of push-up bars, and a massage ball.



Is it a mirror? A fitness trainer? Behold, the award-winning VAHA Fitness Mirror, a sophisticated all-in-one piece of sports gear that you need to have. The magic mirror brings you more than 200 exercises, including yoga and HIIT, complete with hologram personal trainers that guide and encourage as you exercise in front of it.