A Luxurious Take on the Traditional Japanese Steakhouse in Singapore



Sitting down to a swanked out table at FAT COW is akin to having your personality captured on a plate. Every dish detail – from the precise cut of artisan meats to the way it is prepared or paired with a cocktail – is remembered fondly. Whether it be blisteringly seared on the Teppan or delicately grilled with charcoal, there is a way we all take our meat, and FAT COW will prepare it just the way we want it. Such is the way of FAT COW; they understand that no two diners are the same and hence, they make sure each guest leaves personally and fully satisfied.

Established by The Big Idea, FAT COW first opened its doors in October 2011. The word “FAT” in FAT COW plays on the Mandarin dialect word, “fatt,” which means prosperity. And once you wander into the stunning 3500 square foot restaurant, this play on words becomes rather apt. Towering ceilings are suspended by geometric wooden structures, reminiscent of traditional sh?ji doors. Glittering glass-tiled walls lead to the C-shaped open kitchen framed with counter seats, while golden-hued lighting makes the entire space glimmer with grandeur.

But fear not, the restaurant is far from flamboyant. It takes a very contemporary approach to the Japanese “Wabi-Sabi” concept – the art of finding beauty in things that are simple, humble and modest. And with this concept comes neutral colours and natural materials, put together in a very chic, almost art-deco style. There are no paintings cluttering the walls, nor fussy decorations to make the restaurant something that it is not. Every feature and every decorative touch is there because it is needed, because it enhances or complements the whole experience in one way or another.

You could argue that the food itself follows this same concept. It is simple in the sense that the produce is clean and uncomplicated, and you will never encounter an ingredient that doesn’t add to the dish in some way. You will find beauty in the way the dishes are prepared with as much precision and symmetry as the restaurant’s design, and you will notice how modest the dishes are, despite being put together with some of the most premium and intrinsically luxurious ingredients.

Take FAT COW’s Zabuton Wagyu for example. It one of the finest meats from America’s Snake River farm, where Wagyu bulls have been cross-bred with premium American Black Angus cattle, then raised with strict standards to produce American Kobe beef of the highest quality. And in fact, all of FAT COW’s cuts have been handpicked from around the world, from reputable farms with the finest Wagyu. Guests can then choose their preferred cooking method, whether it be shabu-shabu, sukiyaki, or the ever-popular sumibiyaki (charcoal grill).

Another example of FAT COW’s luxurious produce is the carpaccio of deluxe black truffles. Served on a metal plater and showered in finely chopped herbs, the opulent dish is earthy and full of fresh, natural flavours. FAT COW even lavishes their opulent produce into their cocktails, like the Midnight Sencha that uses 10 year-old Glenmorangie malt whiskey. It is then mixed with FAT COW’s sencha syrup, fresh yuzu juice, aromatic bitters and egg white. Enjoy in the FAT COW Lounge where a cosy space creates the perfect spot for pre-dinner aperitifs and countless post-dinner cocktails.


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